Five for Friday

01.) Yesterday I was helping Annelise do her bangs before school (she has natural curls, tons actually, but she likes to flat iron her bangs so they lie flat). I was trying to get the sides of her bangs done and also reminding her how best to hold the flat iron so they lie smooth rather than like broomsticks (it's a toss-up) so I was saying,"Back, and to the left...back, and to the left," a few times.

Naturally that led to a Seinfeld reference, which led to a JFK reference, which led to her watching this clip in the car on the way to school.
Because pop culture tied to movies tied to real-life is like the best alignment ever.

We ended our drive to school deep into conspiracy theories. Good times.

Of course she already knows I'm a Seinfeld and JFK junkie.

02.) In a loosely related side note, I've been known to use classic country music to aid in random learning as well. In fourth grade she had to learn the capitals and states and once when we were quizzing her she couldn't remember the capital of Kansas.

Well, cue Loretta Lynn.
Annelise will never, ever forget the capital of Kansas.

03.) I can't wait until she's old enough to watch Coal Miner's Daughter with me.

04.) That original song search led to the creation of a classic country playlist on Spotify that's heavy on Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, Waylon Jennings and George Jones along with a few others (like Johnny Horton and Merle Haggard).

Because duh.

Last year we kind of got addicted to listening to it on repeat during our drives to and from school and while Jackson might be our first Johnny and June duet to belt out together (and rightly so), I think Long, Legged Guitar Pickin' Man is the most fun and just might be our favorite.
Also? One of her goals is to learn to play Ring of Fire on her trumpet. Love that!

05.) I promise I didn't intend for this post to become so classic country music heavy, but here we are, so I guess I'll just wrap things up by sharing my playlist.
Happy weekending, y'all!


Still Working on My Fitness (This Post is My Witness)

Now I'm singing Fergalicious.

Sometime during August I made a deal with myself to workout every day. As in every. single. stinking. day.

But it was good, really, really good for me.

I tend to be all or nothing.

Here's what I rotated through, not really following a set schedule but definitely incorporating strength training along with my cardio workouts at least three days a week:
I love cardio workouts, especially dance-y-kickboxing ones, so TurboFire and Les Mills Combat were perfect for that. The music is awesome and the routines are super fun, so totally a win-win.

Sidenote: Yes, we have almost all the Beachbody programs, because they are awesome home workouts, and they are so convenient but we aren't coaches (at least not yet).

For strength I mainly relied on ChaLEAN Extreme, the PUSH and LEAN circuits (each block for three weeks-ish), but would also do Les Mills Pump or the strength choices in Combat sometimes.

Sidenote: Once I know the routines I like to pump up the jam, which is an option in the menu, so the verbal cues are muted. Sometimes all the talky-talky annoys me (not so much in Turbo Fire, but Dan and Rachel are a bit chatty in Combat and the trainers in Pump are quite chatty as well). Mute is your friend (but you still have great music).

Adding in regular strength training workouts, and challenging myself to go heavier at times, really makes a huge difference for me. I LOVE seeing changes in my body, feeling stronger and noticing more muscle developing! Granted, it's nothing huge and it might not even be noticeable to others, but it's happening slowly but surely. 

Sidenote: Don't be scared to lift weights, y'all. Increasing muscle helps us to burn more fat and get lean/toned at the same time, without getting bulky.

Over this last week I decided it was time to switch things up again and keep my body guessing, which is a good thing. Last Friday I started P90X3, which was a bit of a shock at first from what I've been doing, but I'm excited to get back into it and go further with it this time (I never made it to Block 2, much less 3, whomp-whomp).
P90X3 is like P90X on crack packed into only 30 minutes, which is good, but I'm used to working out about an hour or a bit more most days, so I decided to try the doubles calendar. During Block 1 you add in a stretching type of workout (Dynamix) with your regular one a few days a week, so I'm going to do that for now. I might go old school P90X here and there as well, (nothing crazy, just plug one in once or twice a week for longer strength training) because they are super effective workouts. Once in a while I'll probably toss in PiYo for flexibility and maybe some Cize for my inner hip hop dance queen.

P90X3 is a 3 month program.


Can I stick with it?

I'll keep y'all posted.


Current Beauty Favorites

Y'all know I am a make-up junkie, right?


Not to the level of some I'm sure but no where near low maintenance either.

I like to switch my make-up routine from time to time by shuffling through my stash and occasionally trying out new things. Sometime last year, I think, I started using a few IT Cosmetics products. I liked them for a while and then, of course, started changing things up again. I think my skin gets stuck in a rut and seems to respond better when I switch back and forth between a few different foundations and such.

After setting everything out for this picture I realized I am full-on back in my IT Cosmetics infatuation.

So let's take a peek, shall we? 

Starting from the left, I've been using a drop (or so) each of IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream in Light and Medium as a light foundation, blending it around with an angled foundation brush (not shown). It has nice coverage but I like a bit more so I follow up with a few swooshes of IT Cosmetics Celebration powder foundation with that flat brush shown. You can also wear the CC+ Cream or the powder foundation by itself, which I sometimes do when in a rush.

Sidenote: IT Cosmetics has amazing brushes! QVC offers combinations that include product and brush sets that are really good deals, Ulta also sells IT Cosmetics and their brushes, but separately.

I use a tiny dab, believe me a little goes a long way, of  IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer under my eyes. For contour and blush and highlight I use the Vitality Face Disk from, yep, you guessed it, IT Cosmetics. So nice to have everything all together in one compact! I finish up with Bye Bye Pores powder from IT, which really makes pores vanish, fo' real. They've now come out with a pressed powder version which I carry in my purse and keep the messy loose powder at home.
Shown in the middle are my two current faves for my brows, the top pencil is from Rimmel and is a neutral shade called Hazel, it also has a brush on the cap which is really convenient. My favorite fave for brows though is Brow Power from IT Cosmetics (are you sensing a pattern?) in Universal Taupe. It works well for most brows (the depth of color depends on how hard you press) and has a spooly brush on the other side.

I've become friends with my Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow collection again, as shown to the right. They apply quickly, blend easily and mix well together. I love these shades of muted brown, taupe, bronze, grey and vanilla (these last three have shimmer). They wear well and the shadow pots last seriously, forever.

Of course I use mascara and eyeliner as well, they're just not shown.

I bought this IT Cosmetics lipstick and gloss last year and never quite felt like they were right for me.  They are both in the shade Je Ne Sais Quoi, that's so fun to say by the way, which goes on clear and then changes to a lovely soft pink. Almost like a mood lipstick, I guess. It also acts like a lip stain and the color lasts for quite a while after the gloss wears off. You can wear the lipstick or the gloss by themselves or layer them for a more dramatic, and glossy, look. On a whim last week I started using them again and am now completely hooked.

In other beauty related news, I am currently managing to only wash my hair twice a week, if all goes as planned. It's so freeing! I'd love to push it to once a week if I could!

I'm sorry if y'all think that's gross, but it really works with my hair texture and general lack of motivation to go through the entire shampoo, blow-dry and style process too often. The more you wash your hair the more your scalp produces oil to balance things, so washing it less actually helps your hair. Maybe you can't stretch out your shampoos as long as I'm doing, but maybe try to go at least one day between shampoos to start with. Finding the right dry shampoo is such a game--and life--changer!

I flip between a few brands, and you might need to try out a few before you find the best one for you, but I'm currently loving the Fresh scent Batiste (I've used the original before as well).
In final beauty news, I picked up a new OPI polish last week, Don't Bossa Nova Me Around (I love their names!) which is a pale beige-y taupe, a really nice neutral shade. I also gave these Rimmel cream eye shadow crayons a whirl.They're great for a super fast swoosh of color, but I think I like the Maybelline Color Tattoos the best as far a cream shadows go.

What are some of your current favorites? Do tell.


Miscellany Monday

School is in full swing, as in homework and tests and progress reports and activities and projects.
I don't know who was more excited to turn in her Indian project poster last week, me or her. Or possibly our printer.

Now she's currently positioned herself on the floor working on her book report poster for Wonder. Since it's not due until Wednesday and she might just finish it today, I'm calling that winning.

Last week we went to our first high school volleyball game for Junior High Night. The kids that went to volleyball camp over the summer got in free, which was nice. Clear Creek (my alma mater) played Clear Falls in fast paced, leave it all on the court, exciting matches. Creek won two, then lost one, then pulled out another win to win overall. Whew!

Annelise had her first soccer game of the fall season Saturday and it was a doozy because of the heat. Scott and I were melting just sitting on the sidelines so I can only imagine how miserable the players were. It was a close game but her team lost 2-1. She made one goal though and had a few other almost goals so she felt pretty good about it. Several of the same kids are still on the team, along with one other girl that Annelise has become friends with, so that's nice. 

Sidenote: During halftime one of the moms was talking with us and the convo turned to orthodontics which lead to me asking for her information, which lead to me digging around in my purse for a pen and paper and ended up in me revealing my embarrassing stash of eleventy five lipsticks and glosses and balms, along with a pen, thank goodness, however, she had to write her info on the back of a band aid.

Because I'm so prepared and organized that way.

After the game we recovered from our respective heat strokes and freshened ourselves up, we drove out to Waller to visit Scott's sister and brother and assorted others, which was nice but made for a super long Saturday.

In unrelated news, I finished reading this delight today:
Highly recommend A Window Opens.

I had been reading one of Sharon Kay Penman's historical fiction epics, When Christ and His Saints Slept, and was enjoying it, but took a little break for something lighter and faster. A few years ago I got lost in her Welsh princes trilogy starting with Here Be Dragons, so I enjoy her books, but they are very detailed and require, um...focus (but worth the effort).

Stay tuned for the deets on our annual girls' weekend and more odds and ends...



Miscellany Monday

Aren't three day weekends the best?


We celebrated Annelise's birthday all throughout Friday (full post coming soon) then topped off the day with our first Friday Night Lights of the season.
(cool photo props to Macy, Scott may or may not have snagged this photo covertly.)

It may have also been my last, at least for a while, until the weather changes. By the time we schlepped from the parking lot and muddled our way around some construction zones I was a hot mess and never fully recovered since it was a muggy 87+ degrees even after sunset.

But it was fun to sit with friends and be sweaty and uncomfortable together. Okay, I may be stretching the word fun. It was Senior Night and we got to see two of our favorite senior girls perform, Mikayla with the band (along with her freshman sister, Miranda) and Kelsey leading (!!) the Cavalier drill team. We missed the parents escorting the seniors before the game since we were eating out for Annelise's birthday, but saw some pictures of the festivities and then got to enjoy the halftime show. Kelsey's dad, Jeff, got to dance with her, which was a hoot.
She was also gracious enough to pose for a few photos under the bleachers a little later.
It's awesome to have great role models for our younger girls to look up to (and they do)!

Sunday night we all got together again after church for taco night along with more fun and games over at the Sabs house. Pat had sent us all trivia questions to answer ahead of time and he set up a quiz on Kahoot.it for us to play on their TV using our phones to answer. It was hil. ar. i. ous. And also rather cutthroat (but all in good fun). After that game we played a few other pre made trivia games and then the kids drifted in and got in on the fun, eventually taking over, with Star Wars and cartoon and history quizzes. They got a little cutthroat too (but all in good fun). We wrapped up the festivities in the wee hours of the morning and dragged our sleepy selves home.

Thankfully, today we had no plans other than being lazy and recovering (staying up super late always wrecks me, I'm old).

How was your Labor Day weekend?



Life Lately (The I Am Ridiculous Version)

I am ridiculous.

And here's why.

In most emotional situations I often wonder if I'm missing a sympathetic gene. While I usually feel empathy or shared sadness for others (I don't think I'm a sociopath) I am not a crier. Like hardly ever. All my friends will be red faced and sobbing over something and I'm just putting on my best sad face and feeling left out of the tear fest feeling like a cold blooded oddity.

But then out of the blue, say during the season (series?) finale of The Astronaut Wives Club when Neil Diamond sings Holly Holy at the end, and BAM! I'm doing my own small version of the Ugly Cry.

Like I said, I am ridiculous.

But I do have a severe fondness for the space program and all the movies (The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, various documentaries) and mini-series (From The Earth to the Moon and now apparently The Astronaut Wives Club can be added to the list) and of course, Neil Diamond and when the two are combined, well I turn all Patsy Cline and fall to pieces (see what I did there?).

Another way I am ridiculous is that I bought another MAC lipstick last week.
Yes, two weeks after I got three MAC lipsticks in the mail from Nordstrom.

Y'all know I have a weakness for lipstick. And gloss. And basically all things make-up.

But Fit Rocker Chick got a new lipstick and shared what it was on her Periscope and it was SO pretty that I just couldn't help myself.

Pink Plaid by MAC and Fashion Scoop Cremesheen Gloss together is pretty much perfection.

Like gum from Jill Goodacre while stuck in an ATM vestibule.

(Chandler Bing anyone?)

I also got a new eyeshadow, MAC Mulch, a warm bronze-y brown, that is my new fave.

Sidenote: I did a Scope about what Periscope Told Me To the other day, you can see my old scopes at Katch.me/marathonbird if y'all have time to kill while clipping your toenails.

Scott and I are both ridiculous because we had a date night and were kind of boring.

But we were TOTALLY okay with that.

Annelise went to a birthday party/sleepover Saturday evening so we talked about going to the movies since we hadn't been in a while. But then when it finally came down to it we just couldn't commit. All the movies were after 6:00 and that's way too late (we're old) none of them were MUST SEE (we hemmed and hawed about Mission Impossible Whatever #) or were too questionable (I adore Jason Bateman  (Arrested Development, yo') but a lot (most?) of his movies lately have been raunchy) and we didn't want to wait to eat until after the movie (priorities people) so...
we went to our favorite Mediterranean dive that we always go to instead.

And it was GOOD.

We were the youngest people in there, yes, we ate with the Early Birds at 5:30.

Also? There was live music and even a sing along (we abstained) but no bellydancing this time.




Back to School 2015

We are now in the third week of school.

I say we because getting back into the swing of the school thing involves more than just the student.

And because I'm nothing if not timely, I'm finally getting around to posting about it.

In preparation of the start of sixth grade Annelise got a hair cut. As we are not ones to waste a good blow-out and style (and are huge fans of dry shampoo) she was able to stretch her straight hair style a good four days. #winning
She loves to wear her hair straight, because that's the popular look among the tween crowd, but doesn't like to put in the time required to style it that way herself (even with my help), so now she's back to her curls. It's a good thing that she has options but she doesn't always see it that way.

Monday afternoon, the day before school started, was meet-the-teacher.


Brace yourselves, we may have gone a bit overboard.
But really, who's to say what constitutes too much when there are chandeliers involved?

Along with all the locker festivities (there were lots of sixth grade girls decorating and both boys and girls practicing opening their lockers, so there was um, a LOT of drama going on in the hall), we met Annelise's teachers. Like last year there are three rotations plus electives, PE and of course lunch.

She was highly excited to see the class lists and figure out who was in her class and such. 

Girls are so funny. And dramatic.

After all the meet-the-teacher brouhaha we treated ourselves to Starbucks, because, duh.
She loves Double Chocolate Chip Frappes, because who wouldn't love all that sugary goodness. I got an iced Americano because it was August I didn't want/need all that sugar.

The first day of school dawned bright and early for both of us (rude), but she got scrambled eggs out of the deal so she was happy.
All too soon it was time to scurry to the car and scream on over to school.


But I managed to coax the new sixth grader into a quick photo before we left.
Her school's main parking lot is undergoing some construction (long story) so they've had to make changes to the drop-off process and asked parents not to walk their kids in the first few days because parking was extremely limited. This hurt my heart because I've always walked her in the first few days but I obeyed the rules (others did not, which made me hrrumph and roll my eyes) and just did the drop off. Cue sadness.

She had a great first day and has enjoyed being back in the swing of school.

Except for the homework, of course.
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