It's Raining, It's Pouring...

The rain has abruptly changed my plans. Grrr. I was planning on getting up early to run with the BAF group at the high school for the 7@7. It started raining just before 6:00. I debated what to do. I don't mind an occasional sprinkle to cool things off, but I HATE running in a steady deluge (remember the Space City 10-Miler?). I decided today was not a good day for running and went back to bed. Just about 7:00 (when we'd be starting out) there was a heavy thunderstorm over our area. Oh well. When all else fails IHOP is always open right? I was good though. I ordered the spinach mushroom omelet made with egg beaters and the harvest grain & nut pancakes. I only ate half. Whee!These next few weeks I have to get some longish runs in to get ready for the Heels and Hills Half May 6th.


The Magnetic Power of the Word Sale

What is it about the word sale? Why is that word irresistible? Annelise and I were at Hobby Lobby this morning to get one 8x8 scrapbook album. My plan was to pop in and pop out. 10-15 minutes max. Then I saw the sign posted on the top of the shelf 50% off all scrapbooks. How can I pass it up? Instead of one, I realized I should stock up and save for all my future scrapbooks. I think I bought 5 (they ended up being $6.00 each, but still, I know...) Then I went to the next aisle where stickers were 50% off too. This wasn't so dangerous, although I decided it was the perfect time to try out some Quote Stack stickers. We then mosey over to the next aisle where time actually stood still...the paper aisle. Yes, there was another 50% off sign posted. If my cart had brakes I would have applied them. Can you hear the screech? Paper is one of my BIG weaknesses. There are way too many beautiful designs and color combinations. I did try to use some discretion and common sense, but I did stock up!. Thankfully, Annelise was entertained through all of this by a little box of raisins(not sure how long they'd been in my purse, but oh well), talking to other shoppers, talking to a little girl, arranging glue sticks on the shelf, talking to Daddy on my cell phone--twice, and playing with her little Elmo & Zoe figures (also from the depths of my purse). All in all she was very good and "let" me shop. Now I will have to carve out some scrappin' time in order to take full advantage of the "sale"!

After our shopping extravaganza we went to Chick-Fil-A (another favorite) for lunch. She had fun playing in their play area with a bunch of different kids. Annelise has never met a stranger. She talks to people ALL the time, everywhere and in almost any situation. Sometimes people are caught a little off guard. She cracks me up! Once she says hi, she'll ask the person's name, ask if they have kids and/or a pet, usually introduce me and/or Scott, and if they will let her she will talk their ear off about anything else. It's hilarious and also sweet and innocent. I hope she never loses her cheery attitude and friendliness.

Be Careful When You Say The Word Bold

I think I have gone from a bad hair day to a bold hair day. Yesterday morning I went down to get my hair highlighted and cut. When we were talking about the colors, I did say the word bold and maybe that's all she heard? No, she really did a nice job, I'm just not used to it yet. My hair had gotten darker over the winter and I had a couple of cuts without any color, so my new do was a bit shocking at first. She normally uses a brownish color with a hint of red and then puts in some highlights too. In certain lights my hair is now more reddish with a hint of brown, with highlights. Red does wash out and fade the fastest so it probably won't be too red for long. I am very happy with the cut! It's short and spiky, flippy in the back and a little longer in the front. I like it. Scott likes it too, not that he really elaborates on the subject of course.

I showed Amber my food journal this morning (it only consists of 1 day so far). She doesn't want me to drink coffee with my food because it may interfere with my absorption. I don't know, but I tried this morning to eat breakfast first, take my vitamins and then about an hour later have coffee. We'll see. She also wants me to eat a little something every 2-3 hours and not have big gaps between meals and snacks. We'll see.
I do like the fact that I was able to get 3 days of weights in this week. I also like that it's early in the morning and done. My schedule should look like T/Th @ 5:00 am and F @ 6:00 am and then run the 7@7 with the BAF group Sat. mornings. I'd like to get in at least one more cardio day too.

We don't have too much going on today. We might go to the grocery store and stuff, although I've been avoiding it for so long what's one more day? Tonight Annelise has a birthday party for her friend Ashlyn at Jumpin' Jungle. It's an indoor play center with bouncy castles, etc. She's excited of course.


What is It About Mint Milanos?

They are small and light. They almost melt in your mouth. A couple of bites and then I think well, just one more. Soon I look down and half the bag is gone. Do I stop? It depends. Chocolate can be rationalized. The other trap is that they have been on sale at Target the last few weeks. I have become addicted to Pepperidge Farm Mint Milanos!

This morning Amber took my measurements and made me step on the scale. So now I am repenting of all the many mint milanos that found their way to me. It wasn't terrible, but not as good as it should have been. I lost 5 pounds, but most of my measurements stayed the same. Grrr. Amber wants to start seeing my food journal again. Grrr. I know that food is still my downfall at times and it interferes with my progress. After a long run or a half marathon I sometimes reward myself for a day or two or three. I need to commit these next 4 weeks to stay more on the right track (I'm not saying exactly perfect) and THEN see the results. One day at a time.

On another note, Annelise had Rodeo Day today at school and came home with a darling stick horse made from blue jeans. She rode it to the car and then into the house. Soo cute! Giddyap.


My Little Ballerina

Annelise was sooo excited to put on her special costume for her dance pictures. She has been going to ballet and tap class at Jill Rauscher School of Dance since September. The actual recital is in May down at the Grand Opera House in Galveston. Mrs. Jill and Ms. Jackie have been working so hard getting these little ones prepared!
Annelise was practically skipping around the house while she waited to get dressed. Her little costume is precious, tutu and all! It was fun to see all the little girls decked out this morning. Some even had make-up on, with their hair curled or braided in a fancy way. I am girly, but I don't have the inner makings of a Beauty Pageant mom--so NOT me. We went for the natural approach, just nicely brushed hair and her own sweet smile. I'll have to wait a while to see the pictures. In a weak moment I also bought picture buttons to wear at the recital. Yep, true dork, but a proud dork! Scott and Pappo will have to be proud dorks too!
After their pictures they "danced" 2 of their little routines. Bless Annelise's little distracted heart! She tries to pay attention, but she really has the attentionspan of a gnat--especially when all the moms are in there. Bless Mrs. Jill and Ms. Jackie too! They are wonderful and sooo loving and patient. At the end, Annelise started to walk toward me and Mrs. Jill said, "Watch out Annelise you just fell off the stage!" (they've been telling them all about being up on stage). I can't wait until May!!
After class we grabbed lunch and went to the park to play with her friends and I got to chat with my friends too!


Wow! There's So Much More Day in the Day

When I was a teenager my dad used to always tell me that that world did not start turning at Noon (when I would sometimes get up). Well, of course he's right. I have changed my exercise schedule to 5:00 a.m. Yes, that's right, 5:00 a.m! Up before the chickens! For 2 mornings a week I work out with my trainer, Amber, at Elite Physique. This is my third week to try it (at that time) and I really do like it, not so much the getting up at 4:30, but coming home to a quiet, calm house. Annelise is usually still asleep and Scott is getting ready for work upstairs. I feel like I have so much more time in the day. I've also been calme, yet energized and have been getting Annelise to her little school closer to on time. Hey, I'm a work in progress!
I was exercising 10:00 T/TH mornings, but it was taking up the whole time that A. is in school. I'm glad I switched, even though I have to go to bed earlier, that's okay. Now I need for Amber to have an opening in her schedule on either MWF so I can get in 3x a week.
I like working out with a trainer, even though it is more expensive. I am slowly getting stronger and getting more definition. It has definitely improved my running. She's helped me strengthen different leg muscles and my core which is vital to running well. I still need for my eating habits to come together. I am doing a lot better and making smarter choices, etc. Let's face it though, I am an emotional eater and it's also a social thing . Well, one step at a time. I am supposed to get measured Thursday. I'm curious to see my progress--hopefully there is some!!
Where do I want to be physically? Well, I don't think I'll ever be a size 6 or 8, at least long enough between meals! That's okay. Right now, I'm a 14 in some things, a 12 or 10 in others. That's okay. Maybe someday I'll settle around a size 10. I don't freak out too much at the scale. I would like for my BMI and fat % to decrease, while my lean muscle increases. I want to be strong and have defined, lean muscles. I don't want to jiggle in the wrong places. I want to be healthy. I want to be a faster, stronger runner. That's not too much to ask for is it?


Creating a Runner

I look back over the last two years and am amazed at all the changes in my lifestyle. I have gone from "I'll never" to "I think I can" to "I will!" Running has changed my life and added a whole new perspective. I am so thankful!
In July, 2005 I decided to make a change. I was a little sick of myself (well, maybe alot) and stopped making excuses. I started going to Boot Camp exercise classes--and survived! I was the largest one in the class, but that made me more determined. Gradually, I got stronger and was able to jog more on the treadmill.
Fast forward 6 months and I'm running/walking in the Aramco Houston Half Marathon with my friend Jewel. I finished 13.1 miles with a lot of left knee pain. I realized I did not train properly, but hey I did it!
Fast forward to July, 2006 and I am part of Bay Area Fit with a goal to train for the full 26.2. Come on, dream big! Their motto is "Commit, Train, Succeed" and "Change Your Life". It's an amazing, fun group of runners of ALL abilities and fitness levels. Well, my life has changed. I became a runner, NOT a speed demon in ANY way, but I feel I can call myself a runner now. I try and follow a run/walk combination. Right now I'm trying to run 7 minutes and walk 1 and then do it all over again. I'd like to build up my endurance and speed so maybe someday I only walk through the water stations or something like that.
My goal was to finish the full marathon, but I struggled with plantar fasciitis and IT Band problems. In late December I was still having pain and made the difficult decision to change to the Half. I was disappointed at first to let go of my goal, but I realized later it was the best choice.
I finished in 3:01, which was 20 minutes better than the year before. Woo-Hoo! I also decided to complete the Love the Half Challenge. The rules are simple, complete 6 (or more) half marathon distances between October and May and get a prize. I've also realized that running is ALL about the BLING and the T-Shirt too!

Here's the scoop:

October 29, 2006 Koala/Luke's Locker Half 3:02
January 14, 2007 Aramco Houston Half 3:01
February 10, 2007 Surfside Beach Half 3:01
February 18, 2007 AT&T Austin Half 2:57 (finally sub-3!!!)
March 17, 2007 Seabrook Lucky Trails Half 2:52

My last one will be May 6, 2007 in Las Colinas. It's the Heels and Hills Half. A lot of BAFrs are going and thre should be good bling since it's organized by a WOMAN.

Thankfully I am not having the IT band issues anymore. Of course there are aches and pains occasionally, but I stretch and foam roll A LOT. I have also been working out with weights 3x a week to get stronger.

There's an overview. I want this blog to be a journal about my running progress and also about lots of other stuff too.
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