Creating a Runner

I look back over the last two years and am amazed at all the changes in my lifestyle. I have gone from "I'll never" to "I think I can" to "I will!" Running has changed my life and added a whole new perspective. I am so thankful!
In July, 2005 I decided to make a change. I was a little sick of myself (well, maybe alot) and stopped making excuses. I started going to Boot Camp exercise classes--and survived! I was the largest one in the class, but that made me more determined. Gradually, I got stronger and was able to jog more on the treadmill.
Fast forward 6 months and I'm running/walking in the Aramco Houston Half Marathon with my friend Jewel. I finished 13.1 miles with a lot of left knee pain. I realized I did not train properly, but hey I did it!
Fast forward to July, 2006 and I am part of Bay Area Fit with a goal to train for the full 26.2. Come on, dream big! Their motto is "Commit, Train, Succeed" and "Change Your Life". It's an amazing, fun group of runners of ALL abilities and fitness levels. Well, my life has changed. I became a runner, NOT a speed demon in ANY way, but I feel I can call myself a runner now. I try and follow a run/walk combination. Right now I'm trying to run 7 minutes and walk 1 and then do it all over again. I'd like to build up my endurance and speed so maybe someday I only walk through the water stations or something like that.
My goal was to finish the full marathon, but I struggled with plantar fasciitis and IT Band problems. In late December I was still having pain and made the difficult decision to change to the Half. I was disappointed at first to let go of my goal, but I realized later it was the best choice.
I finished in 3:01, which was 20 minutes better than the year before. Woo-Hoo! I also decided to complete the Love the Half Challenge. The rules are simple, complete 6 (or more) half marathon distances between October and May and get a prize. I've also realized that running is ALL about the BLING and the T-Shirt too!

Here's the scoop:

October 29, 2006 Koala/Luke's Locker Half 3:02
January 14, 2007 Aramco Houston Half 3:01
February 10, 2007 Surfside Beach Half 3:01
February 18, 2007 AT&T Austin Half 2:57 (finally sub-3!!!)
March 17, 2007 Seabrook Lucky Trails Half 2:52

My last one will be May 6, 2007 in Las Colinas. It's the Heels and Hills Half. A lot of BAFrs are going and thre should be good bling since it's organized by a WOMAN.

Thankfully I am not having the IT band issues anymore. Of course there are aches and pains occasionally, but I stretch and foam roll A LOT. I have also been working out with weights 3x a week to get stronger.

There's an overview. I want this blog to be a journal about my running progress and also about lots of other stuff too.

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