It's Raining, It's Pouring...

The rain has abruptly changed my plans. Grrr. I was planning on getting up early to run with the BAF group at the high school for the 7@7. It started raining just before 6:00. I debated what to do. I don't mind an occasional sprinkle to cool things off, but I HATE running in a steady deluge (remember the Space City 10-Miler?). I decided today was not a good day for running and went back to bed. Just about 7:00 (when we'd be starting out) there was a heavy thunderstorm over our area. Oh well. When all else fails IHOP is always open right? I was good though. I ordered the spinach mushroom omelet made with egg beaters and the harvest grain & nut pancakes. I only ate half. Whee!These next few weeks I have to get some longish runs in to get ready for the Heels and Hills Half May 6th.

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  1. YES! I remember the Space City 10 miler...thank goodness I had the first leg of the race and didn't get that soaked but my running partner did! HAHA oops! :)

    Hope you have a great day!


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