The Magnetic Power of the Word Sale

What is it about the word sale? Why is that word irresistible? Annelise and I were at Hobby Lobby this morning to get one 8x8 scrapbook album. My plan was to pop in and pop out. 10-15 minutes max. Then I saw the sign posted on the top of the shelf 50% off all scrapbooks. How can I pass it up? Instead of one, I realized I should stock up and save for all my future scrapbooks. I think I bought 5 (they ended up being $6.00 each, but still, I know...) Then I went to the next aisle where stickers were 50% off too. This wasn't so dangerous, although I decided it was the perfect time to try out some Quote Stack stickers. We then mosey over to the next aisle where time actually stood still...the paper aisle. Yes, there was another 50% off sign posted. If my cart had brakes I would have applied them. Can you hear the screech? Paper is one of my BIG weaknesses. There are way too many beautiful designs and color combinations. I did try to use some discretion and common sense, but I did stock up!. Thankfully, Annelise was entertained through all of this by a little box of raisins(not sure how long they'd been in my purse, but oh well), talking to other shoppers, talking to a little girl, arranging glue sticks on the shelf, talking to Daddy on my cell phone--twice, and playing with her little Elmo & Zoe figures (also from the depths of my purse). All in all she was very good and "let" me shop. Now I will have to carve out some scrappin' time in order to take full advantage of the "sale"!

After our shopping extravaganza we went to Chick-Fil-A (another favorite) for lunch. She had fun playing in their play area with a bunch of different kids. Annelise has never met a stranger. She talks to people ALL the time, everywhere and in almost any situation. Sometimes people are caught a little off guard. She cracks me up! Once she says hi, she'll ask the person's name, ask if they have kids and/or a pet, usually introduce me and/or Scott, and if they will let her she will talk their ear off about anything else. It's hilarious and also sweet and innocent. I hope she never loses her cheery attitude and friendliness.

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  1. next time...call me and I'll meet you there. I love sales, too! HAHA Glad you had a fun day!


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