My Little Ballerina

Annelise was sooo excited to put on her special costume for her dance pictures. She has been going to ballet and tap class at Jill Rauscher School of Dance since September. The actual recital is in May down at the Grand Opera House in Galveston. Mrs. Jill and Ms. Jackie have been working so hard getting these little ones prepared!
Annelise was practically skipping around the house while she waited to get dressed. Her little costume is precious, tutu and all! It was fun to see all the little girls decked out this morning. Some even had make-up on, with their hair curled or braided in a fancy way. I am girly, but I don't have the inner makings of a Beauty Pageant mom--so NOT me. We went for the natural approach, just nicely brushed hair and her own sweet smile. I'll have to wait a while to see the pictures. In a weak moment I also bought picture buttons to wear at the recital. Yep, true dork, but a proud dork! Scott and Pappo will have to be proud dorks too!
After their pictures they "danced" 2 of their little routines. Bless Annelise's little distracted heart! She tries to pay attention, but she really has the attentionspan of a gnat--especially when all the moms are in there. Bless Mrs. Jill and Ms. Jackie too! They are wonderful and sooo loving and patient. At the end, Annelise started to walk toward me and Mrs. Jill said, "Watch out Annelise you just fell off the stage!" (they've been telling them all about being up on stage). I can't wait until May!!
After class we grabbed lunch and went to the park to play with her friends and I got to chat with my friends too!

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