Wow! There's So Much More Day in the Day

When I was a teenager my dad used to always tell me that that world did not start turning at Noon (when I would sometimes get up). Well, of course he's right. I have changed my exercise schedule to 5:00 a.m. Yes, that's right, 5:00 a.m! Up before the chickens! For 2 mornings a week I work out with my trainer, Amber, at Elite Physique. This is my third week to try it (at that time) and I really do like it, not so much the getting up at 4:30, but coming home to a quiet, calm house. Annelise is usually still asleep and Scott is getting ready for work upstairs. I feel like I have so much more time in the day. I've also been calme, yet energized and have been getting Annelise to her little school closer to on time. Hey, I'm a work in progress!
I was exercising 10:00 T/TH mornings, but it was taking up the whole time that A. is in school. I'm glad I switched, even though I have to go to bed earlier, that's okay. Now I need for Amber to have an opening in her schedule on either MWF so I can get in 3x a week.
I like working out with a trainer, even though it is more expensive. I am slowly getting stronger and getting more definition. It has definitely improved my running. She's helped me strengthen different leg muscles and my core which is vital to running well. I still need for my eating habits to come together. I am doing a lot better and making smarter choices, etc. Let's face it though, I am an emotional eater and it's also a social thing . Well, one step at a time. I am supposed to get measured Thursday. I'm curious to see my progress--hopefully there is some!!
Where do I want to be physically? Well, I don't think I'll ever be a size 6 or 8, at least long enough between meals! That's okay. Right now, I'm a 14 in some things, a 12 or 10 in others. That's okay. Maybe someday I'll settle around a size 10. I don't freak out too much at the scale. I would like for my BMI and fat % to decrease, while my lean muscle increases. I want to be strong and have defined, lean muscles. I don't want to jiggle in the wrong places. I want to be healthy. I want to be a faster, stronger runner. That's not too much to ask for is it?

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