Frozen Delight, Individually Wrapped

I can eat a Popsicle here...

I can eat a Popsicle there...

I can eat a Popsicle anywhere!

A. is overly infatuated with Popsicles lately. They are a fairly new treat for her and she has fallen for them. Hard. I predict a long, hot summer filled with requests, pleadings and a little good natured groveling for these cold delights. She asks throughout the day, not too long after breakfast, "How about a Popsicle?" or "A Popsicle sure would taste good." I try to hold her off until early afternoon when we're outside . Simple joys are the best ones, right? Right!



Running, I've learned, is basically 98% mental. Once you make your mind up your body will follow. Some days mind and body are in sync and that makes for the perfect run. Some days your mind tries to sabotage your plan. Today I was pulling every mental trick I could just to finish my 6 miles. My first motivator to go at all was my 10:00 pedicure. I didn't want to smush up the polish with socks and shoes by running later. Along the way I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and relying heavily on my iPod shuffle to keep my feet moving. I tried my best to block out the heat (it's already here!) and be grateful for every little breeze. I told myself today's run prepares me for the Heels & Hills Half next weekend, self wasn't really buying it. I got it done, but it took my whole bag of tricks today. Woo.


Recycling, Girl Style

A.'s "new" sparkly backpack for ballet & tap.
My favorite "new" shirt for the low low price of $1.99!

We popped into our local Goodwill store this week just to have a look-see. We have dropped off donations there plenty of times, but I've never really looked around inside. I love flea markets, resale/thrift stores and garage sales. It's always so fun to find a neat bargain that someone cast-off and give it a new life. A. loves the little backpack and can't wait to use it for her ballet & tap shoes. $2.99, sparkles included. I saw this shirt and just couldn't resist an ode to all things pink! Goodwill, who knew?

A Little Water From Above

The result of a very productive sawing session to uncover the source of a water leak . Eeek!

My dad, otherwise known as Pappo, and A. heading upstairs to get to work. Notice A. is carrying her tools just in case Pappo needs something.

A.'s job was to turn the water on and off at Pappo's request. She took this job very seriously, until...

She had to check out what Caillou was doing downstairs on TV. She realized this position provided optimum viewing while still being able to continue her job, as needed.

After much sawing, investigating, running water, going up and down stairs multiple times, my dad decided it was the seal on the toilet upstairs, not the tub after all. Hmm. This saga will be continued tomorrow and hopefully fixed. Pappo had to take time off for a motorcycle ride. Vroom. Vroom.


What's in a Mumble?

Funny little dialogue this evening over supper. We were at Chick-Fil-A because Scott played golf after work today and I HAD to get out of the house. Anyway, this is the jest of it:

A.: mumble, mumble something (while eating ice cream)

Me: What? I'm not sure what you're saying.

This went on for a few rounds until finally

A.: Bay Area Fit

Me: Bay Area Fit?

A. Yes (with a big smile)

Me: Why are you talking about Bay Area Fit? You mean my running club?

A.: Uh huh, because I like it! (big smile again)

This just struck me as funny because it came completely out of left field. I talk about running a lot, and she has cheered for me on the sidelines, but I haven't mentioned Bay Area Fit a whole bunch. I guess she stored the information away in her vast file cabinet of a brain.

If you have EVER, even briefly, wished you could run or walk a marathon, half marathon or any other distance, but felt like you couldn't do it, please DON'T tell yourself that anymore!! Bay Area Fit is a local branch of USA Fit. It is a fabulous training program that will change your life. Commit. Train. Succeed.

Check out USA Fit.com to see how you CAN change your life.


Something Caught My Eye

I struck up a quick conversation today with another mom at A.'s ballet class. It was over shoes. Running shoes. Mizuno, my brand, I couldn't resist chatting her up.

Don't get me wrong, I still notice sandals, flips, Crocs, mary janes, etc., but I REALLY notice running shoes. This is a different side of me. This is my inner runner. My deeply hidden Kenyan. I want to get her out more.

It Really is the Little Things, Isn't It?

Today after ballet class we met Scott for lunch at Panera. Yes, this was right as a small tropical storm descended over us. We. Were. Wet.

Anyway, after we ate I asked A. if she needed to go potty before we went to the Goodwill store. She said no. Here's my little simple joy: going to the restroom BY MYSELF. I actually took a moment of thankfulness for this treat. No touching the walls, doors, floors, etc.; no opening the door before I'm finished; no peeking into the trash; no singing; no talking about bodily functions. It was great.

The Mind of a 3 Year Old

A. doing the Easter boogie wearing headphones, with half a musical chick from her basket.

Stumbled across this scene on her bedroom floor this morning. She said she read them a book and now they were sleeping. I hope our toilet paper is a soft enough blanket for them!


What Sign? I Didn't See a Sign

Since when did people stop obeying posted signs? I have been noticing more and more disregard to posted signs, especially traffic signs. Tonight, on the way home from Bible study with the Girls, I stopped at a red light. At this particular intersection there is a sign that says "No turn on Red". Okay. So I sit there and wait for the green light. No one honked at me, but 3 other cars went around me blatantly ignoring this sign. What? It doesn't apply to them? Another one that bothers me is disregard for yield signs. First, I don't think there are as many yield signs as there used to be. I think the Sign People gave up because they were just ignored. It's a slippery slope, what will people ignore next? No Smoking, No Parking/Handicapped Only, Stop Signs?

What driving or traffic pet peeves do you have?

Movies in Your Mailbox

Here's a quick shout-out. If you haven't checked out the wonderful service called Netflix, I encourage you give it a try. For one low monthly fee, movies are mailed to your home. You can keep them as long as you need to and there are no late fees. They have several plans to choose from depending on your movie lifestyle. Our plan sends 1 movie at a time. You make a list of the movies you want to see, and every time you mail one back they immediately send your next choice. I promise the turnaround time is excellent.We have been using Netflix for the past several months and really like it. Since we hardly ever make it to the theatres this lets us catch up without schlepping to Blockbuster. It's also a type of "Good Mail"!
Check out Netflix.com

Grocery Grievance

I would like to offer my services to my local grocery stores as a consultant. Why can't one store have everything I want? I want to hit one store, get my stuff and go home. I can't stand schlepping around to different stores! No, Wal-Mart isn't the answer for me. I can only handle it in small, occasional doses.
Oh, the basics are fine, bread, milk, fruit, meat, etc. It's the little necessities that I have trouble finding. You know, the essentials:
  • Coconut Creme Coffeemate (why don't they sell this in the jumbo size?)
  • Different flavors of Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches, I like choices, preferably coffee, not just vanilla
  • Large containers of Southwestern Egg Beaters (I have to counter balance the Skinny Cow!)
  • Crystal Light Ruby Red Drink Mix (come on Target & Kroger!)
  • Fresh, still green bananas, not looking like they were involved in multiple games of "Hot Banana" before being placed gently on the shelf

I'm not a super shopper. I don't pay attention to mail out specials, hardly ever clip coupons, I shop on different days at different times of the day. I always feel I'm hitting the produce sections at the wrong time. Either everything has been picked over or it needs to be restocked. I hate feeling like I got the left over reject strawberries, bruised apples, bananas on life support, shriveled tomatoes, etc. I need insider tips.

Does the Kroger card REALLY save you anything? I have my doubts. Target is too tempting. I like HEB brand choices and selection on most things. Our local store though is always packed. Grrr. Wal-Mart, is well, Wal-Mart. Sigh.

I am trying 2 new things this week. The 100 calorie packs of snacks to work on my portion sizes. This will be defeated if I don't stick to one pouch at a time though! The other is Dannon Light & Fit Smoothies. I've been eating that brand of yogurt and thought I'd try something diff. Strawberry Banana is YUMMY.

What is your grocery shopping pet peeve?
Do you have any shopping hints?


Everything Old is New Again

A. could hardly wait to play with all the "new" stuff!

Little People taking a bubble bath

Ready for new memories

I don't know what came over me the other afternoon. Well, yes I do. I wanted to find my books from my former life (I taught 4th grade). All of my teaching materials have been stored in our garage attic for the past several years. I was immediately concerned when I saw the aftermath of some varmint party (whole other story, what varmint likes paint and glitter anyway?), but relaxed when I saw my books were unharmed. Whew. I also found my old toys. Now the fun really began!

My mom saved all of my Fisher Price Little People playsets from the early 1970s. Yes, the sharper plastic edges, painted wood, tons of small choking hazards. Who knew they weren't safe? Of course this was the era when I rode on the front seat of my dad's truck standing up. I was so excited to lug them all out, peeling paper and dirt and get them cleaned up. Let me just say, I LOVED the Little People! I could barely contain myself when we bought A.'s first set (Noah's Ark) for Christmas 3 years ago! Every birthday or Christmas since then has included some variation. Scott wasn't sure if they were for me or her. Me either.

I had the house, the school, the castle, the village (my favorite), the farm and the boat. I haven't found the farm and the boat yet, but everything else was there. I used to play with them for hours on end. Now I am just as thrilled to let A. have a go with them. As soon as they touched the concrete she was checking everything out and ready to play, dirt and all.

Now everything is fairly clean, organized into the appropriate baggie and she is having an absolute blast. To be honest, I am too. I have been saying many quiet thanks to my mom up in Heaven for planning ahead. Thanks Mama.

Were any of your toys saved for your children? What were some of your favorites?


I Kept My Word

If nothing else, I sucked it up and kept my word. Last week I promised myself to get in 2 more longer training runs before the Heels & Hills Half Marathon on May 6. This morning I was trying to take those words back so badly! I did not want to get up, even though I was awake. I did not want to run, even though I was getting dressed. I didn't want to go to the high school, even though I was driving that way. I didn't want to run the 7 mile loop, even though I followed behind others heading out that way. Somewhere along the sidewalk I got into the groove and ended up enjoying myself. I got it done one foot in front of the other, one mile at a time. At the end I was over myself and felt great. Sometimes it's matter over mind, will over emotions and goal over mood. Just a quiet Woo-Hoo today is fine.


To Comment or Not

I don't know about you, but I am always excited to see comments after my posts. This is another aspect of my Blog obsession/addiction. Some of the Girls (a.k.a. best buds) have been so sweet and thoughtful to read my blog and comment when they can. This just makes my day for several reasons.

  • Each of these Girls is a very busy mom with very busy little people. They squeeze in time to keep in touch, which is sooo thoughtful.
  • We are able to stay in contact and also get to know each other in different ways. Every blog post is different. From updates on families and activities, to little things like daily chores, to funny experiences, to deeper thoughts and reflections. Every post shares a little piece of "me", whatever the "me" is feeling & doing at that particular time.
  • I feel more connected. One of my dear friends recently moved and is adjusting to life in her new home and town. Even though she is 5+ hours away, I still feel close which is wonderful.
  • I am not a great phone person (I guess I need to work on that). I always feel like I'm interrupting or intruding. That might not even be true, but it's the excuse I tell myself. Blogging, while not as personal, seems to be a nice compromise. People can read and comment at the time that's best for them. (I promise to try to become a better phone person!)

Sometimes I wonder who else is out there? I have noticed on my cluster map that people from all over have "dropped by for a visit". I think that's great. Why don't they comment? Why do I worry that they didn't? Silly, but then I feel inadequate, my blog isn't interesting, an so on. I guess my blog has self-esteem issues.

Challenge to self: Even though I don't know someone, if I can relate to their post, I challenge myself to leave a comment.

Do you comment on blogs that interest you, but you may not know them personally?


Confession of Another Weakness

Building A.'s library

My new additions

I have many weaknesses. One of my big weaknesses is books. I love to read; I love to have plenty of books around me just waiting for me to read them. This makes me very happy. I enjoy going to the library. A. and I have a deal, my books first (that doesn't take too long if I have my list) and then she can pick out her books (which I end up doing anyway) and play in their area, do puzzles, socialize with the other little people, etc. We try to go every 2 weeks or so.

This particular book weakness involves our local Half Price Books store. It's like one of my FAVORITE places!! I love the whole concept of discounted, gently used books, waiting to be discovered and "recycled" by new readers. I love that it's basically a circle; you can buy and sell over and over. That's just too cool! I popped in there today and had a short list of books in my mind, just wanted to see if, by chance, they were there. Get out! They were all there! It was my own personal lucky book day!! Whee! (A discreet Happy Dance was called for.) Next, of course, I had to stop in the children's book area. I suppose I am transferring my addiction onto A., which can't really be a bad thing, right? I went a little crazy in their <$2.00 paperback picture book area. I was totally spread out on the floor with my purse, my growing stack of must-haves scrutinizing every shelf. All I can say is I left a pretty happy bookworm!

A. loves being read to and "reading" by herself once she knows the story. Sometimes I'll find her either in a chair or just on the floor with a circle of books surrounding her. My heart swells!

What are you reading right now? What are your children's favorite books right now?


Playing at the Park

Little girls + One little caterpillar = Wonder & Giggles

Today, after ballet class, A. and I grabbed lunch and headed over to the park. Such a clear, pretty day and lots of fun to be had. I had fun chatting with some of the Girls and A. had a blast playing with her friends. There's just something special about a park!

Welcome Home

A little berry sunshine for the back door.

Pretty pomegranates for the front door.

Yesterday I had a few minutes before I had to pick up A. from preschool, so I popped into Marshall's. I have been having a strong urge to find neutral wreaths I could leave up on the doors in between holidays. You never know what you'll find at Marshall's (which, of course, is part of the fun). It must have been my lucky day. I saw these right away and before I could debate it too much I grabbed them and got in line. I was immediately happier and couldn't wait to get home to hang them. Silly? Maybe. Doors, and therefore homes, seem much more welcoming and homey when they have wreaths. At least to me.

The cowbell beside the back door may never land our home in the pages of Southern Living, but it's special to me. My grandparents (Sue and Archie) had it hanging (on the cut tree branch of course) beside their back door, let's just say forever. I'm glad we have it beside ours now because I see it and think of them all the time.

What says welcome to you? What special touches do you like to put around your doors to make your home more homey and inviting?


Evening Chatter

Imagine my surprise when I walked downstairs and didn't see the laundry basket I had left on the couch. I did see Scott, remote in hand, legs up on the coffee table. I tentatively asked "Did you fold the laundry?" It had seemed like a long Monday and I was looking for a little perk. Well, I obviously had a little too much wishful thinking. He looked puzzled at first and then said, "No, it's over there. I had to sit down."

Conversation a little later with My Sweet Husband:

Me: "Did you find Biz at Walgreens?" (He had stopped by to pick up some pictures and I asked if he could get some Biz.)

Scott: "No, they didn't have it. Tide, All, I didn't see it."

Me: "It's not detergent, it's like a laundry booster."

Scott:" No, I looked all over, they didn't have it." He then listed the detergents he saw again.

Me: "Well, okay."

Scott: "I got All."

Me: "We don't need any detergent, I just needed some Biz. There's a huge box of Surf sitting on the dryer, plus my dad just gave us a box of Cheer."

Scott: "Whatever, they didn't have Biz, I got All."

I still don't think he knows what the purpose of Biz is, and I could tell he didn't care. I guess he figured All was better because it starts with an "A". Thanks for trying Scott.

Monday Morning Tidbits

By 11:00 this morning I have:

  • Started the weekly laundry effort. I am very thankful we have these modern conveniences. I would not have made it down by the local creek with lye soap.
  • Folded clothes and put them away.
  • Straightened up some clutter. Don't think I really eliminated any, just rearranged it.
  • Quickly threw on some jeans(but kept my t-shirt on with the morning coffee drips on my chest, oh well) when the workers showed up unexpectedly.
  • Played outside with A.
  • Vacuumed the Morning Room and Kitchen twice. I realized A. was following behind me wearing my grassy flip flops after I had vacuumed the first time.
  • Tried not to harm our high strung Golden Retriever, Sadie. She has been barking her fur off at everything the workers do.
  • Made a grocery list, but not sure if it's going to actually happen today.
  • Decided that the Swiffer is truly my friend.
  • Unloaded & loaded the dishwasher.
  • Cleaned the kitchen sink. I love to clean it, get it shiny & dry and then almost hold my breath until someone uses it again. I should time it I think, it never lasts long!
  • Realized my new Tyler candle is not the joyful scent I thought. It's pretty strong and should only be burned in very short intervals, unless I actually want to induce a headache.
  • Haven't made it to the shower yet. I did try to dab out the coffee stains on my chest though. Sometimes you reach a certain point and you give up.
  • Took out something to defrost for dinner. We'll see if I still want it when dinner rolls around.
  • Tried not to scream when I saw that Scott left another roll of toilet paper on top of the empty roll. He even knows he's been outed in my previous blog. Apparently that did not have my desired effect. I will have to be more creative.
  • Talked to our project manager Steve(after he surprised me while I was struggling with the vacuum) and I felt like a slacker. We still haven't finalized our tile choices.
  • Managed to delay a Chutes and Ladders game...at least for a little while.

Ahhh, a few minutes of blog time. I feel recharged. Thanks.


Job Opening

Okay, everyone is entitled to have a grumpy day now and then. Jobs in food service are difficult. I'm sure dealing with hungry people can be frustrating. I always try to give the benefit of the doubt and cut them some slack. Well, I can't cut the cookie guy at Fuddrucker's any more slack. He is consistently grumpy. Handing out cookies should be fun. Seeing the joy on kids (and adults) faces should be uplifting. Everyone has already enjoyed their tasty burger and fries, all they want is a cookie to finish everything up. This guy is obviously dissatisfied in his current career. I'm sorry. I still want my cookie. Without any attitude. Thank you.

Just in case you think I'm unfair, this has been going on for months!


On the Run... Again...Finally

Yes, it's really true. After 3 weeks I finally completed a longer run. I almost talked myself out of it since it was rainy again, but I am SOOO glad I didn't listen. There was a small group of BAF 7@7ers and a group of some Tri Trainers going out on their bike rides. Almost all of the runners were from the Yellow group, meaning way faster than me, but I followed in their dust. I wasn't sure how I'd feel after missing for sooo long. I hadn't done a longish run since Seabrook Lucky Trails Half in March! I guess my body remembered, thank goodness. I ran 6 miles and felt pretty good. I tried to stick with the 7:1 intervals (run 7 minutes, walk 1). Here's the outstanding WOO-HOO part (for me)...my average pace was 11:59. I know to some (like the Yellow group 9:00 pace) that isn't any big deal; but for me it's woo-hoo huge!

My Running Essentials:

Coolmax type shirt(preferably in pink)
UnderArmour liner shorts w/Nike shorts over
Mizuno Wave Creation shoes
Thin, Coolmax type socks(sometimes with fun prints, like flamingoes)
Garmin Forerunner
My iPod shuffle w/the clip (amazing!) stocked with must-have tunes
Fuel Belt with Gatorade
Espresso Love GU
Body Glide & Vaseline (for my feet...no blisters allowed!)

Stretching is essential afterwards!! I also foam roll and use my Stick when needed to massage out sore spots.

My goals for the next 2 weeks are to get in (at least) an 8 miler and another 6 miler before the Heels and Hills Half on May 6. I'll also stick with 3x a week weight & cardio sessions. I can't wait for the official Bay Area Fit Training season to start in July! 26.2 or Bust--I mean it this year!! W00-Hoo!!


Met Scott for lunch at the Kemah Boardwalk today. He took the morning off to play golf and then we were planning on bumming around the Boardwalk in the afternoon. A. had been looking forward to the rides. Mother Nature had other plans. It started raining, never too heavy, just enough to make you want to stay out of it. We headed home not too long after our overpriced seafood lunch.

Sent out my first batch of official "Good Mail". Just 2 small things, but I felt better actually doing it. I hope to make it a regular thing. I even bought more stamps in anticipation of my future endeavors.

Tried the new (to me) Starbucks Cinnamon Dulce Latte. Nope.

Caught up on printing out recent and not so recent pictures from my camera and computer. It felt good to catch up a bit and clear out my memory card.

Started my Bay Area Fit Training Season scrapbook. Finally.

Planning on running tomorrow. Planning.

Future Handyman

Yesterday evening I finally got A.'s new bath picture ready to hang. When Scott was about to hang it A. insisted on getting her "tools" so she could help too. Scott would do a little and then A. would have her turn with her hammer. Of course I had to get some pictures. They made a great team!

Here is our little handyman in action.

Gotta get everything nice and straight!


How can a 3 year old switch back and forth, speed of light almost, between sweetie and stinker? Just wondering.

I want to take this moment to apologize to my local HEB shoppers. I am the one who emptied out the row of Ruby Red Grapefruit Crystal Light. I made a split second decision, threw caution to the wind, and grabbed all 6 canisters. You see, after 2 other grocery store searches with no results, I felt I had no other option. So, sorry.
(BTW if you get a chance try it...totally dee-lish!)

At supper tonight this was a snippet from life with Annelise:

Me: "Could you please hand me a pink sweetener?"
A.: "I don't see why not."

Seriously, where is this coming from? Too funny.

Confessions of a Blog Addict

What exactly has come over me? I confess, I am now a blog addict. I did not expect this. I'm not sure what to do, is there a 12-step program? Seriously. Yesterday, I sat down in front of the computer and checked on a few blogs I have discovered and really liked. The thing I'm learning about blogs is that in their own way they are connected like a giant, sticky spider web. One blog conveniently leads you to another blog and so on...and so on...and so on. It's like Jesus' genealogy, all the begets. That's the giant part. Of course this is also the cool part because you discover blogs you can relate to or that inspire you creatively, etc. The sticky part is where you find one you like and decide to read some of their archived posts. It's like chips (or in my case Mint Milanos), you can't eat, or read just one. Seriously. Now that I am aware of my problem and am admitting it, I will do better. I promise.

One blog that I somehow came across (I can't clearly remember the process) is called Everything Is Pink.blogspot. First, this caught my eye because I LOVE pink. Let me just say, that her blog is beautiful and she has generously shared many of her family holiday traditions along with glimpses into her daily life. I am now inspired to try some of her ideas for upcoming holidays and special days. I am completely jazzed about her Good Mail concept. I am jumping on board to help spread some joy in the mailbox. It's one of those good intention things I've always said I'm going to do more of. Well, I mean it now!!

My list of Good Intentions that will become Good Actions:

Take more spontaneous pictures to really document our daily lives.
Make more time to scrapbook and make cards.
Send out Good Mail to my friends more often and for any old reason.
Give more compliments and praise.
Be less critical.
Play more.


More Tidbits

I know this might not be the most interesting picture and it may not be something you even want to look at. To me though it says a lot. My sweet husband is a great guy. We've been married for 11 years. I have so much to be thankful for...and I am. BUT in the world where tiny things do matter...Come on!! How hard is it really to change out the toilet paper?

This was the scene this evening. A. had her Fisher Price Snap & Style dolls out and all of their clothes and accessories. I suppose these dolls are a warm-up for Polly Pockets etc. She still likes to play with Gabriella and Erika and occasionally we add an outfit. Today we stumbled across Snap & Style babies. I thought they were neat too, so she chose the one with the high chair. Little did I know the drama that would later ensue. A. realized that the high chair did not completely latch and did not have a seat belt. This apparently was detrimental to Baby Dahlia's welfare. I tried to tell her that it was okay, she'd sit carefully, that was the way the toy makers made her, etc. Nothing worked. She actually argued with me. She also sat in time out over this. Eventually, she was able to move past this (at least for now) and continue playing. Oh, the drama of a little girl!

There's Joy in the Trash

Last night, while I was meeting with the Girls for our Bible study, we were commenting on how often it's our attitude or perspective that affects our daily life, good or bad. What say? Well, I guess I mean the attitude we choose to have affects just about everything. Maybe happiness is a choice. Of course we sometimes have a truly grumpy, moody day. Sometimes though we need to change our perspective, even if we have to force it, and before we know it we are enjoying mundane life tasks, well, hopefully. See the joy in the service, in the everyday stuff.

Take A. for example. She has convinced me that there is joy in taking out the trash. Of course she's 3, but hey--I say "You go girl!" Over the last couple of months Scott has had her help him gather up the trash from the various baskets around the house and take it out to Big Brown. It's a great day when they take it all the way to the end of the driveway for pick-up. Who knew that was an adventure? She takes a lot of pride in her "job" too and doesn't want to miss out on any of it! It's soooo funny to see her get out the new trash bag and shake it open like she watched Scott do and then carefully put it in the can. She only asks for help if she REALLY can't get it, otherwise...stand back!

Maybe there can be joy in the trash, and the other daily tasks, if I try to change my perspective.



  • I heart Target. If I'm not in there at least once a week I don't know what to do with myself. This is not a good obsession. Today's must haves were Coconut Creme coffeemate; mascara; lip gloss (still searching for THE right shade, what was I thinking about something called Melon-Ball?); hair products; Canadian bacon and of course...Mint Milanos. Why does Target continue to put these on sale?? Today's trick was to only carry a hand held basket. They still seem to hold a lot.

  • Annelise seems to have learned that toys (especially plastic ones) break when tossed from the top of the stairs. I think she had an inkling this could happen, she just wanted to make sure. She really liked that little egg that walked when you wound it up. It's now in 6 different pieces.

  • Today I only made one pot of coffee. This is good. I did have Starbucks twice. This is bad.

  • Even though Scott won't admit this, he has proven that you CAN have the same conversation every day. Or you can attempt to, until your wife (me) calls you out.

  • If you call McDonald's to see which Wizard of Oz doll they have, be prepared to ask your question 5 times.

  • I made it through my workout this a.m. and cardio on the elliptical. I was fighting it today. I feel like a running fraud right now since I have missed 3 long runs over the past 3 Saturdays. Gotta get into the groove again!

  • I felt a small sense of pride and accomplishment when I "caught" A. with all of the big scrapbooks out. She obviously needed a picture moment and was deep into looking through all the memories. I thought that was so sweet! She's strong too because she somehow managed to haul them down off the dining room table.

  • I heart Crystal Light Ruby Red Grapefruit drink. I'm already on my second batch, and I just bought the container yesterday! It's quite yummy.

  • I heart this shirt. Life Is Good! I love their slogan "Do what you like, like what you do." I keep the tag beside the kitchen sink. I do feel like a fraud wearing it right now though since I haven't been on a long run in 3 weeks. Eeek!

  • Another new obsession: blogging! Seems to have temporarily replaced my running obsession. This must be the computer's view of me!

(I noticed other blogger's having a "Self-Portrait Tuesday", though I'm not sure why Tuesday, I like the idea of taking a pic. of what I'm doing, into, obsessed with at the moment, etc. I figure if you can scraplift you can bloglift, right?)


Easter Morning 2007

A. Sunday morning searching for her surprise from the Easter Bunny.

A. checking out her basket. Her favorite was the little More Please book. She "fed" the animals all during church.

A. after church and lunch. Her official Easter dress is on hold in her closet until it gets warmer.

Weekend Activities

A. on the run to grab some more eggs. We went to the annual Easter egg hunt at Walnut Park. It was soooo cold...brrr! We finished just before the rain hit, thank goodness!

A. showing off one of her treats.
Scott, Annelise and Pappo
Mama (me) and A.
A. loved to dye eggs this year! We dyed them and then "spackled" them with paint. Truly messy.
Lessons learned:
  • Don't turn off the gas before the surprise April cold front. We spent the weekend bundled and huddled around space heaters. Kinda scary, but effective. A. liked having the warm "fan" next to her bed.
  • Dress warmer for the egg hunt in the park during the surprise April cold front.
  • When dyeing eggs, use the provided holder (or at least a plastic spoon) while dipping and turning the eggs. Unless, of course, you like having green and blue fingertips for the next day and a half.
  • Astros Ballbark is NOT heated. We kept our coats on the whole game Saturday night. At least we weren't completely in the elements like some ballparks! Also, they won against the Cardinals. Yea!!


Me and My Big Ideas

This morning I thought we'd get out of the house for a little bit and I would shop for an Easter dress. As the morning wore on, that changed to we'll go in the early afternoon. Then I thought about the cold front that is supposed to come through this weekend. I probably wouldn't be able to wear a new springy dress anyway. By lunchtime I was crawling the walls to get out of the house, but where to go? The malls and shopping centers would be too crowded with Good Friday shoppers. So, just to do SOMETHING I suggested McDonald's and playing. Of course that was met with a BIG "YEA!! Let's go Mom!'So, off we went.

I had always promised myself I wouldn't get into the Happy Meals and all the toys. Well...so much for that. I now want to collect all the Wizard of Oz Madame Alexander dolls.I'm saying they're for A., but we know who they are REALLY for! Her ballet class is having their recital and Spring Show next month. The bigger kids are doing the Wizard of Oz, so I do kind of have a reason for this new obsession. My strategy is to hit various McDs in the area. 4 down, 4 to go.
Anyway, as we were standing in the massive line (I wasn't thinking about all the other moms that would be there with their kids because there's no school today...oops!) I thought about getting a salad or a chicken wrap. When it was our turn something came over me when the lady said they had the Tin Man and the Wicked Witch of the East. All of a sudden I'm ordering 2 Happy Meals and supersizing one of the drinks for me. This is ridiculous! Who AM I?? Oh well...

While we were eating A. kept saying,"McDonald's is a proud sponsor of Sesame Street." over and over. Hmmm, too much T.V.??A. had a great time playing though. There were some nice kids there that were sweet to her and played with her, even though some were older. She said, "Hi! Want to be my friend and play with me?" Soon she was climbing up into the highest levels of the play tower and I could hear, "Hey, Annelise come this way!" So a good time was had by all.

Is It Going to Be a Long Season?

It's here! Baseball season has officially started! The Astros kicked things off by being swept by the Pirates. Apparently that's a feat. All I can say is that when we left at the top of the 9th, they were winning. That's the memory I'm choosing to keep. All of the sports pundits are already criticizing the bullpen and their offensive hitting (leaving runners stranded on base, etc.). Well, I don't like all the fair weather friends. What's the saying a winner has a thousand fans, a loser none, or something like that. You've gotta support the home team in ALL conditions I say. We go to the game again tomorrow night. I'm thinking postitive.
Oh, I wonder if Gwen Stefani is a good influence on my 3 year old? They played a snippet of "The Sweet Escape" during the game (the Whoo-hoo part) and A. said, "Mama, that's the song you play in the car!" Needless to say we listened to it on the way home--a few times-- and the next morning on the way to school too. A. walked up to Mrs. Vanessa and said "Whoo-hoo, Whee-hee" and I was SOOO BUSTED. What can I say, it's peppy.

Annelise on her way to the the first Astro game of this season. With a wink and a thumbs up how can they not have a super season?

Avid Asto fans right before the game started.

This is how Annelise watched most of the game. For some reason she's much more sensitive to the noise this season-it IS loud. She even managed to hold her popcorn tub under her chin so she could cover her ears! I'm glad she's able to adapt because we have season tickets!



I Had a Peek Into My Future...Of Sorts...

I caught a glimpse of my possible future self the other day. In about 30+ years (Lord willing!). I was going into Stein Mart, on the quest of finding something to wear for Easter, and an elderly lady was getting into her sporty silver Lexus SUV. I thought good for her, staying sporty and zippy. Note to self: I will never drive a Buick or a Lincoln or any other Grannyish car when I am of that age and inclination. Then I noticed her cute Coach "bling" purse (with the gold and the big buckles). That's not really me, but I'd probably choose something like it. She was dressed nicely too. Sometimes I like to plan ahead and try to picture myself when I'm 70, so I'm prepared style wise and all. I hope I don't start having the weekly wash & set, unless it's CUTE of course. Somebody stop me from getting a perm too or any strange hair color/tint(aka blue). I've never understood that either! I can see myself trying to dress cute and hip, still going to Starbucks, wearing pink, having a weekly bible study with the Girls, carrying around a purse full of various lip glosses (will I ever find THE right shade?), visiting with my girlfriends, playing with grandchildren, still blogging (?), etc. It'll just be an older, more wrinkly version of the me I am now, right? Can a 70 year old pull off flip-flops?

Guilty Pleasures of the Day:
  • Browsing through Half Price Books with no time limit and no small person to keep track of and keep from reorganizing the shelves. I found all the books of a new series I plan to read (yea!) The first one is called The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. I always get excited when I find a new book and know that it's waiting for me to start.
  • Getting up before the chickens to exercise. I get it out of the way, I feel better and I have the rest of the time that A. is at school for myself.
  • Watching TV or scrapbooking during A.'s nap and ignoring the dust on the furniture and the furballs in the corners. All housework gets done eventually, just not all of it at once necessarily. I'm okay with this philosophy.

Lies I Tell Myself:

  • Dannon Light & Fit yogurt is pretty tasty. I can eat this in the evening instead of coffee ice cream. Yeah, right.


Okay, I am a blog newbie. I jumped on the blog train about a week ago and now I feel PRESSURE. Well, not really, but sort of. A couple of days ago I had a few extra minutes so I scrolled through various blogs out here just by hitting "next blog". After several in other languages, I soon stumbled upon a lady's blog called Marta Writes. She is obviously a wonderfully talented designer. Her blog is so artsy and filled with beautiful pictures and creative thoughts about brunch and stuff. Who really has brunch? I felt so ordinary. I clicked on her links and all of her friends seem to have really creative artistic blogs too. I found myself sucked into their world and started reading about their daily lives and ramblings. Now I feel pressure to be a better blogger and redesign my layout, create my own font and background, take & post 30 artistic pictures EVERY day in black & white and sepia, bake a fresh batch of scones, start collecting vintage buttons, press my own wildflowers to make paper, wear more linen, and on and on and on...I then realized someone might one day stumble across my meager blog. What will they think? Will they even bother to read it? I also saw that apparently people vote for their favorite blogs. More pressure. What's a new blogger to do?


Sometimes Junebugs Just Die...

This morning as we were on our way out the door to school, Annelise stopped to look at the junebug beside our doormat. Then, she noticed another one near the steps and said, "Oh, I think the junebug's dead. What happened?" Of course my goal is to get us into the car, buckled up and on our way, so I said quickly "Sometimes junebugs just die." She then said, "Like Memaw and Duchess." I realized that she is still processing her grandmother's (Memaw) death back in August. Duchess was Memaw & Pappo's dog who was put down a little bit before Ruby died. Now that I think about it she's been mentioning her more and talking about Heaven and God. Usually it's just from time to time, in an off hand manner. Amy has told me that she has talked about her in Bible Hour too, that her Memaw was in Heaven, but she still had a Pappo. She likes to look at pictures too occasionally. I guess we need to tell more stories about her. It's still hard to do that around Pappo. I think a few months back she said something about Memaw being in Heaven with God and Daddy (Pappo) got pretty upset. I know she misses her and doesn't quite know how to express those feelings. I don't want her to forget how much Memaw loved her and how excited she was to spend time with her.


How Long Until I Have to Go Back?

To the grocery store that is. Why is going to the grocery store so draining? I know it really isn't, but by the time you make a list; go down each aisle while keeping a 3 year old amused; put back things that were "grabbed"( "No, we don't need rainbow sprinkles."); check out; realize you bought too much and spent too much (except for the jumbo coffee and Skinny Cow treats!); load the car; unload the car; bring everything in; realize you have no room in the refrigerator and freezer for the things you bought; quickly clean out frozen things from last summer and anything questionable in the fridge; put all the new stuff away; realize your pantry is in a mess; try to straighten that; ask yourself "Why did I buy that?" and ""What was this for? (that I obviously never cooked, anyone for apricot preserves?)"; WHEW! I'm beat!
Maybe that's why I put it off??
I bought several cans of Progresso soup and Annelise kept building a tower. I kept telling her it was too high and if it fell it would hurt. Well, jump to the next aisle where there was cart blockade (I know those car carts are neat, but they sure can block an aisle!) and I was playing chicken with another lady and her cart. I guess I was chicken because I backed up and the tower fell. One can bumped A. in the face and another fell onto my foot. She stubbornly didn't cry because I HAD told her it would happen.
On a sweet note though, when we were checking out the lady gave A. an HEB Buddy Buck. A. was beyond thrilled...even though the lady also said the machine wasn't working today. A. didn't care. She just held on tight to her buck and clutched it in the car and couldn't wait to show Daddy when he came home for lunch. She's a hoot!


Odds and Ends

A while back I put some of A.'s toys away that she had outgrown in the hopes we would have a garage sale. Yes, they are still in a box in the guest bedroom. Well, now she's rediscovered them and loves to pull them out. I guess it's just because they seem new to her. I should take them in to a consignment shop because I don't know when we'll ever get a garage sale together. I also have a pile of outgrown spring/summer clothes I need to take in. Even though it takes an effort to get everything on hangers and organized, it does seem worth it when the checks come in!

After church, we went to lunch at Samurai Japanese Steakhouse. We had been there once before and liked it, it's something different. They cook the food right at your table. Last time A. was scared of the fire, so this time she came up with a "plan". I told her right after the fire come the "funny eggs", so she decided she would hide her face against me and then turn back to watch the show. She also enjoyed using chopsticks and was able to use them fairly well...for a three year old.

Yesterday was pretty much an around the house day. I worked on scrapbooks while A. played and watched Veggie Tales. I was able to finish a little birthday book just for her. It's an 8x8 which is a good size for her to hold. I put the highlights of her turning 3 in there and plan to add to it every year. It should hold a few more birthdays I think. I really like the 8x8 size, especially if you are scrappin' a specific event or something. There is enough room pictures and doodads and it doesn't seem as overwhelming as a 12x12. Isn't this exciting??
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