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Building A.'s library

My new additions

I have many weaknesses. One of my big weaknesses is books. I love to read; I love to have plenty of books around me just waiting for me to read them. This makes me very happy. I enjoy going to the library. A. and I have a deal, my books first (that doesn't take too long if I have my list) and then she can pick out her books (which I end up doing anyway) and play in their area, do puzzles, socialize with the other little people, etc. We try to go every 2 weeks or so.

This particular book weakness involves our local Half Price Books store. It's like one of my FAVORITE places!! I love the whole concept of discounted, gently used books, waiting to be discovered and "recycled" by new readers. I love that it's basically a circle; you can buy and sell over and over. That's just too cool! I popped in there today and had a short list of books in my mind, just wanted to see if, by chance, they were there. Get out! They were all there! It was my own personal lucky book day!! Whee! (A discreet Happy Dance was called for.) Next, of course, I had to stop in the children's book area. I suppose I am transferring my addiction onto A., which can't really be a bad thing, right? I went a little crazy in their <$2.00 paperback picture book area. I was totally spread out on the floor with my purse, my growing stack of must-haves scrutinizing every shelf. All I can say is I left a pretty happy bookworm!

A. loves being read to and "reading" by herself once she knows the story. Sometimes I'll find her either in a chair or just on the floor with a circle of books surrounding her. My heart swells!

What are you reading right now? What are your children's favorite books right now?


  1. Your such a good mom...I can't tell you the last time we went to the library! HAHA Maybe next time I can meet you there.

    Macy loves to read. We read mostly at night before bed. Her favorite book right now is "Laura's Star"...and of course anything Dora the Explorer! HA Oh, I saw in your pic a Mercer Mayer book...we love those too! I like "I was SO mad". LOL

  2. I love books too..but just don't have the time or energy lately. I'm doing good to get my Bible read a little bit and read the bible study book. We have SO many books around this house it's crazy...but we always want more!! It's a GREAT habit to pass on to A.!

  3. so nice to meet you via blogs! your running status is incredible.. keep up the good legwork. and i love books too. i adored the Berenstein Bears when i was young. now i love anything by Anita Shreve. happy reading + running.


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