Confessions of a Blog Addict

What exactly has come over me? I confess, I am now a blog addict. I did not expect this. I'm not sure what to do, is there a 12-step program? Seriously. Yesterday, I sat down in front of the computer and checked on a few blogs I have discovered and really liked. The thing I'm learning about blogs is that in their own way they are connected like a giant, sticky spider web. One blog conveniently leads you to another blog and so on...and so on...and so on. It's like Jesus' genealogy, all the begets. That's the giant part. Of course this is also the cool part because you discover blogs you can relate to or that inspire you creatively, etc. The sticky part is where you find one you like and decide to read some of their archived posts. It's like chips (or in my case Mint Milanos), you can't eat, or read just one. Seriously. Now that I am aware of my problem and am admitting it, I will do better. I promise.

One blog that I somehow came across (I can't clearly remember the process) is called Everything Is Pink.blogspot. First, this caught my eye because I LOVE pink. Let me just say, that her blog is beautiful and she has generously shared many of her family holiday traditions along with glimpses into her daily life. I am now inspired to try some of her ideas for upcoming holidays and special days. I am completely jazzed about her Good Mail concept. I am jumping on board to help spread some joy in the mailbox. It's one of those good intention things I've always said I'm going to do more of. Well, I mean it now!!

My list of Good Intentions that will become Good Actions:

Take more spontaneous pictures to really document our daily lives.
Make more time to scrapbook and make cards.
Send out Good Mail to my friends more often and for any old reason.
Give more compliments and praise.
Be less critical.
Play more.

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  1. Holly- I am addicted to your blog!!! I found you tonight and I just can't stop reading!!!! If I didn't already have you as one of me best freinds in the world- I would want you as my friend!!! Can I stop reading- NO!!!!! There are still more to read!!!!!


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