Evening Chatter

Imagine my surprise when I walked downstairs and didn't see the laundry basket I had left on the couch. I did see Scott, remote in hand, legs up on the coffee table. I tentatively asked "Did you fold the laundry?" It had seemed like a long Monday and I was looking for a little perk. Well, I obviously had a little too much wishful thinking. He looked puzzled at first and then said, "No, it's over there. I had to sit down."

Conversation a little later with My Sweet Husband:

Me: "Did you find Biz at Walgreens?" (He had stopped by to pick up some pictures and I asked if he could get some Biz.)

Scott: "No, they didn't have it. Tide, All, I didn't see it."

Me: "It's not detergent, it's like a laundry booster."

Scott:" No, I looked all over, they didn't have it." He then listed the detergents he saw again.

Me: "Well, okay."

Scott: "I got All."

Me: "We don't need any detergent, I just needed some Biz. There's a huge box of Surf sitting on the dryer, plus my dad just gave us a box of Cheer."

Scott: "Whatever, they didn't have Biz, I got All."

I still don't think he knows what the purpose of Biz is, and I could tell he didn't care. I guess he figured All was better because it starts with an "A". Thanks for trying Scott.


  1. Holly- I read the blog and I was laughing soo hard Trey wanted in on it! As I read it out loud it was even funnier and I was crying as I read it becasue it was too funny! You guys are GREAT!!! A. is so lucky- But one day she will be bloggin about her crazy parents!


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