Everything Old is New Again

A. could hardly wait to play with all the "new" stuff!

Little People taking a bubble bath

Ready for new memories

I don't know what came over me the other afternoon. Well, yes I do. I wanted to find my books from my former life (I taught 4th grade). All of my teaching materials have been stored in our garage attic for the past several years. I was immediately concerned when I saw the aftermath of some varmint party (whole other story, what varmint likes paint and glitter anyway?), but relaxed when I saw my books were unharmed. Whew. I also found my old toys. Now the fun really began!

My mom saved all of my Fisher Price Little People playsets from the early 1970s. Yes, the sharper plastic edges, painted wood, tons of small choking hazards. Who knew they weren't safe? Of course this was the era when I rode on the front seat of my dad's truck standing up. I was so excited to lug them all out, peeling paper and dirt and get them cleaned up. Let me just say, I LOVED the Little People! I could barely contain myself when we bought A.'s first set (Noah's Ark) for Christmas 3 years ago! Every birthday or Christmas since then has included some variation. Scott wasn't sure if they were for me or her. Me either.

I had the house, the school, the castle, the village (my favorite), the farm and the boat. I haven't found the farm and the boat yet, but everything else was there. I used to play with them for hours on end. Now I am just as thrilled to let A. have a go with them. As soon as they touched the concrete she was checking everything out and ready to play, dirt and all.

Now everything is fairly clean, organized into the appropriate baggie and she is having an absolute blast. To be honest, I am too. I have been saying many quiet thanks to my mom up in Heaven for planning ahead. Thanks Mama.

Were any of your toys saved for your children? What were some of your favorites?


  1. Oh- Holly! How wonderful!!!! I don't think my Mom saved many of my toys- but next time I am home I will for sure dig in her attic!

    Trey's Mom saved many of his horses. Kannon loves to play with them when we go visit Grammie and Poppa!

    love the pics.

  2. You made me tear up, Holly. How sweet of your mama to save those for your babies someday. Mine did the same thing...and we have a few of them around here. Nowhere near as cool as your Little People though!!!

  3. That is so sweet, Holly! How awesome your mom saved the,m. I had those same toys! Oh, the memories! Can I come over and play? :)

  4. great blog. i am going crazy over these great toys.
    fun to find you

  5. Holly - I also LOVED the village. Those little plastic letters were my FAVORITE. I had the houseboat, too, and wish I still did. It seems like I see the farm a lot so I'll pick one up for you if I do again.

    Do you search for these on Ebay? Don't start if you don't already. It's dangerous.

    Me & my uncle played little people all the time. (he is only 2 yrs older than me.) He had the castle. And the HOSPITAL. That was so cool. I had the house, the boat, the farm, the merry go round and the ferris wheel. Okay, I'll stop now but if you ever want to talk little people, I'm your girl. :)

    (I have some for my kids but they aren't the ones I had, just thrift store finds. It must have choked you up to see A. playing with your very own ones. sniffle. what a good mama you've got.)

  6. that is so cool!I am saving some of kids favorites as well.


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