Frozen Delight, Individually Wrapped

I can eat a Popsicle here...

I can eat a Popsicle there...

I can eat a Popsicle anywhere!

A. is overly infatuated with Popsicles lately. They are a fairly new treat for her and she has fallen for them. Hard. I predict a long, hot summer filled with requests, pleadings and a little good natured groveling for these cold delights. She asks throughout the day, not too long after breakfast, "How about a Popsicle?" or "A Popsicle sure would taste good." I try to hold her off until early afternoon when we're outside . Simple joys are the best ones, right? Right!


  1. Her and Macy are soul sisters for many reasons but one being they both could eat a whole box of popcicles....Yeah for summer and yeah for popcicles!

  2. Who doesn't love a cold Popsicle on a hot day!? My kids are with A!

  3. I haven't gotten Kannon any yet! I know he would love them! Summer is coming I better stock my fridge! A. is so cute!


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