How Long Until I Have to Go Back?

To the grocery store that is. Why is going to the grocery store so draining? I know it really isn't, but by the time you make a list; go down each aisle while keeping a 3 year old amused; put back things that were "grabbed"( "No, we don't need rainbow sprinkles."); check out; realize you bought too much and spent too much (except for the jumbo coffee and Skinny Cow treats!); load the car; unload the car; bring everything in; realize you have no room in the refrigerator and freezer for the things you bought; quickly clean out frozen things from last summer and anything questionable in the fridge; put all the new stuff away; realize your pantry is in a mess; try to straighten that; ask yourself "Why did I buy that?" and ""What was this for? (that I obviously never cooked, anyone for apricot preserves?)"; WHEW! I'm beat!
Maybe that's why I put it off??
I bought several cans of Progresso soup and Annelise kept building a tower. I kept telling her it was too high and if it fell it would hurt. Well, jump to the next aisle where there was cart blockade (I know those car carts are neat, but they sure can block an aisle!) and I was playing chicken with another lady and her cart. I guess I was chicken because I backed up and the tower fell. One can bumped A. in the face and another fell onto my foot. She stubbornly didn't cry because I HAD told her it would happen.
On a sweet note though, when we were checking out the lady gave A. an HEB Buddy Buck. A. was beyond thrilled...even though the lady also said the machine wasn't working today. A. didn't care. She just held on tight to her buck and clutched it in the car and couldn't wait to show Daddy when he came home for lunch. She's a hoot!

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  1. I love that girl!! I, too, have made towers with soup cans...shhhhh, don't tell! :)


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