I Had a Peek Into My Future...Of Sorts...

I caught a glimpse of my possible future self the other day. In about 30+ years (Lord willing!). I was going into Stein Mart, on the quest of finding something to wear for Easter, and an elderly lady was getting into her sporty silver Lexus SUV. I thought good for her, staying sporty and zippy. Note to self: I will never drive a Buick or a Lincoln or any other Grannyish car when I am of that age and inclination. Then I noticed her cute Coach "bling" purse (with the gold and the big buckles). That's not really me, but I'd probably choose something like it. She was dressed nicely too. Sometimes I like to plan ahead and try to picture myself when I'm 70, so I'm prepared style wise and all. I hope I don't start having the weekly wash & set, unless it's CUTE of course. Somebody stop me from getting a perm too or any strange hair color/tint(aka blue). I've never understood that either! I can see myself trying to dress cute and hip, still going to Starbucks, wearing pink, having a weekly bible study with the Girls, carrying around a purse full of various lip glosses (will I ever find THE right shade?), visiting with my girlfriends, playing with grandchildren, still blogging (?), etc. It'll just be an older, more wrinkly version of the me I am now, right? Can a 70 year old pull off flip-flops?

Guilty Pleasures of the Day:
  • Browsing through Half Price Books with no time limit and no small person to keep track of and keep from reorganizing the shelves. I found all the books of a new series I plan to read (yea!) The first one is called The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency. I always get excited when I find a new book and know that it's waiting for me to start.
  • Getting up before the chickens to exercise. I get it out of the way, I feel better and I have the rest of the time that A. is at school for myself.
  • Watching TV or scrapbooking during A.'s nap and ignoring the dust on the furniture and the furballs in the corners. All housework gets done eventually, just not all of it at once necessarily. I'm okay with this philosophy.

Lies I Tell Myself:

  • Dannon Light & Fit yogurt is pretty tasty. I can eat this in the evening instead of coffee ice cream. Yeah, right.


  1. you crack me up! I'm so glad we are friends....and when we are 70 we'll still be hip and happenin'!! PINK Bling, Bling....here we come! :) Love ya girl!

  2. PINK Grannies here we come!


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