Is It Going to Be a Long Season?

It's here! Baseball season has officially started! The Astros kicked things off by being swept by the Pirates. Apparently that's a feat. All I can say is that when we left at the top of the 9th, they were winning. That's the memory I'm choosing to keep. All of the sports pundits are already criticizing the bullpen and their offensive hitting (leaving runners stranded on base, etc.). Well, I don't like all the fair weather friends. What's the saying a winner has a thousand fans, a loser none, or something like that. You've gotta support the home team in ALL conditions I say. We go to the game again tomorrow night. I'm thinking postitive.
Oh, I wonder if Gwen Stefani is a good influence on my 3 year old? They played a snippet of "The Sweet Escape" during the game (the Whoo-hoo part) and A. said, "Mama, that's the song you play in the car!" Needless to say we listened to it on the way home--a few times-- and the next morning on the way to school too. A. walked up to Mrs. Vanessa and said "Whoo-hoo, Whee-hee" and I was SOOO BUSTED. What can I say, it's peppy.

Annelise on her way to the the first Astro game of this season. With a wink and a thumbs up how can they not have a super season?

Avid Asto fans right before the game started.

This is how Annelise watched most of the game. For some reason she's much more sensitive to the noise this season-it IS loud. She even managed to hold her popcorn tub under her chin so she could cover her ears! I'm glad she's able to adapt because we have season tickets!


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