It Really is the Little Things, Isn't It?

Today after ballet class we met Scott for lunch at Panera. Yes, this was right as a small tropical storm descended over us. We. Were. Wet.

Anyway, after we ate I asked A. if she needed to go potty before we went to the Goodwill store. She said no. Here's my little simple joy: going to the restroom BY MYSELF. I actually took a moment of thankfulness for this treat. No touching the walls, doors, floors, etc.; no opening the door before I'm finished; no peeking into the trash; no singing; no talking about bodily functions. It was great.


  1. Amen sister! I love potty time alone and shower time alone....its wonderful. And, why do they touch everything in the restroom or ask if the lady next to us to going poo-poo! HA I'll never know!

  2. I agree with the touching everything! however, I do get to potty a little more on my own, but Trey has some great stories!

    Oh- I forgot Kannon goes outside now!!! (Ha)


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