Recycling, Girl Style

A.'s "new" sparkly backpack for ballet & tap.
My favorite "new" shirt for the low low price of $1.99!

We popped into our local Goodwill store this week just to have a look-see. We have dropped off donations there plenty of times, but I've never really looked around inside. I love flea markets, resale/thrift stores and garage sales. It's always so fun to find a neat bargain that someone cast-off and give it a new life. A. loves the little backpack and can't wait to use it for her ballet & tap shoes. $2.99, sparkles included. I saw this shirt and just couldn't resist an ode to all things pink! Goodwill, who knew?


  1. Check it out! My first comment to you!!!! And with a note to boot! you girls are going to get me hooked yet. Anyhoo - I LOVE the shirt! Did they have 7?!?!? haha

  2. Oh, I love it Holly....I want one! :) You had some good finds!

  3. i love the shirt and the fact it came from good will is even better!


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