A Little Water From Above

The result of a very productive sawing session to uncover the source of a water leak . Eeek!

My dad, otherwise known as Pappo, and A. heading upstairs to get to work. Notice A. is carrying her tools just in case Pappo needs something.

A.'s job was to turn the water on and off at Pappo's request. She took this job very seriously, until...

She had to check out what Caillou was doing downstairs on TV. She realized this position provided optimum viewing while still being able to continue her job, as needed.

After much sawing, investigating, running water, going up and down stairs multiple times, my dad decided it was the seal on the toilet upstairs, not the tub after all. Hmm. This saga will be continued tomorrow and hopefully fixed. Pappo had to take time off for a motorcycle ride. Vroom. Vroom.


  1. Sorry about the leak, Holly! I'm glad you got it fixed! Thank you Pappo! :)

    Love ya!

  2. Hey holly, I'm loving your blog... I was laughing looking at A in that perfect position on the stairs.


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