Met Scott for lunch at the Kemah Boardwalk today. He took the morning off to play golf and then we were planning on bumming around the Boardwalk in the afternoon. A. had been looking forward to the rides. Mother Nature had other plans. It started raining, never too heavy, just enough to make you want to stay out of it. We headed home not too long after our overpriced seafood lunch.

Sent out my first batch of official "Good Mail". Just 2 small things, but I felt better actually doing it. I hope to make it a regular thing. I even bought more stamps in anticipation of my future endeavors.

Tried the new (to me) Starbucks Cinnamon Dulce Latte. Nope.

Caught up on printing out recent and not so recent pictures from my camera and computer. It felt good to catch up a bit and clear out my memory card.

Started my Bay Area Fit Training Season scrapbook. Finally.

Planning on running tomorrow. Planning.

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  1. **Sorry it rained on you today! YUCK! I bet A was sad~
    ** I think the "good mail" is an awesome idea! I might have to join you on that one! :)
    **The Cinnamon Dulce Latte isn't my favorite either! HA
    **And could you please do my BAF scrapbook! hee hee


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