Monday Morning Tidbits

By 11:00 this morning I have:

  • Started the weekly laundry effort. I am very thankful we have these modern conveniences. I would not have made it down by the local creek with lye soap.
  • Folded clothes and put them away.
  • Straightened up some clutter. Don't think I really eliminated any, just rearranged it.
  • Quickly threw on some jeans(but kept my t-shirt on with the morning coffee drips on my chest, oh well) when the workers showed up unexpectedly.
  • Played outside with A.
  • Vacuumed the Morning Room and Kitchen twice. I realized A. was following behind me wearing my grassy flip flops after I had vacuumed the first time.
  • Tried not to harm our high strung Golden Retriever, Sadie. She has been barking her fur off at everything the workers do.
  • Made a grocery list, but not sure if it's going to actually happen today.
  • Decided that the Swiffer is truly my friend.
  • Unloaded & loaded the dishwasher.
  • Cleaned the kitchen sink. I love to clean it, get it shiny & dry and then almost hold my breath until someone uses it again. I should time it I think, it never lasts long!
  • Realized my new Tyler candle is not the joyful scent I thought. It's pretty strong and should only be burned in very short intervals, unless I actually want to induce a headache.
  • Haven't made it to the shower yet. I did try to dab out the coffee stains on my chest though. Sometimes you reach a certain point and you give up.
  • Took out something to defrost for dinner. We'll see if I still want it when dinner rolls around.
  • Tried not to scream when I saw that Scott left another roll of toilet paper on top of the empty roll. He even knows he's been outed in my previous blog. Apparently that did not have my desired effect. I will have to be more creative.
  • Talked to our project manager Steve(after he surprised me while I was struggling with the vacuum) and I felt like a slacker. We still haven't finalized our tile choices.
  • Managed to delay a Chutes and Ladders game...at least for a little while.

Ahhh, a few minutes of blog time. I feel recharged. Thanks.

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