Movies in Your Mailbox

Here's a quick shout-out. If you haven't checked out the wonderful service called Netflix, I encourage you give it a try. For one low monthly fee, movies are mailed to your home. You can keep them as long as you need to and there are no late fees. They have several plans to choose from depending on your movie lifestyle. Our plan sends 1 movie at a time. You make a list of the movies you want to see, and every time you mail one back they immediately send your next choice. I promise the turnaround time is excellent.We have been using Netflix for the past several months and really like it. Since we hardly ever make it to the theatres this lets us catch up without schlepping to Blockbuster. It's also a type of "Good Mail"!
Check out Netflix.com


  1. We HAVE to try that!! Out here in the "sticks" it would be nice to have movies mailed to your front door!!!

  2. We use netflix too and love it!


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