Odds and Ends

A while back I put some of A.'s toys away that she had outgrown in the hopes we would have a garage sale. Yes, they are still in a box in the guest bedroom. Well, now she's rediscovered them and loves to pull them out. I guess it's just because they seem new to her. I should take them in to a consignment shop because I don't know when we'll ever get a garage sale together. I also have a pile of outgrown spring/summer clothes I need to take in. Even though it takes an effort to get everything on hangers and organized, it does seem worth it when the checks come in!

After church, we went to lunch at Samurai Japanese Steakhouse. We had been there once before and liked it, it's something different. They cook the food right at your table. Last time A. was scared of the fire, so this time she came up with a "plan". I told her right after the fire come the "funny eggs", so she decided she would hide her face against me and then turn back to watch the show. She also enjoyed using chopsticks and was able to use them fairly well...for a three year old.

Yesterday was pretty much an around the house day. I worked on scrapbooks while A. played and watched Veggie Tales. I was able to finish a little birthday book just for her. It's an 8x8 which is a good size for her to hold. I put the highlights of her turning 3 in there and plan to add to it every year. It should hold a few more birthdays I think. I really like the 8x8 size, especially if you are scrappin' a specific event or something. There is enough room pictures and doodads and it doesn't seem as overwhelming as a 12x12. Isn't this exciting??

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