Okay, I am a blog newbie. I jumped on the blog train about a week ago and now I feel PRESSURE. Well, not really, but sort of. A couple of days ago I had a few extra minutes so I scrolled through various blogs out here just by hitting "next blog". After several in other languages, I soon stumbled upon a lady's blog called Marta Writes. She is obviously a wonderfully talented designer. Her blog is so artsy and filled with beautiful pictures and creative thoughts about brunch and stuff. Who really has brunch? I felt so ordinary. I clicked on her links and all of her friends seem to have really creative artistic blogs too. I found myself sucked into their world and started reading about their daily lives and ramblings. Now I feel pressure to be a better blogger and redesign my layout, create my own font and background, take & post 30 artistic pictures EVERY day in black & white and sepia, bake a fresh batch of scones, start collecting vintage buttons, press my own wildflowers to make paper, wear more linen, and on and on and on...I then realized someone might one day stumble across my meager blog. What will they think? Will they even bother to read it? I also saw that apparently people vote for their favorite blogs. More pressure. What's a new blogger to do?

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  1. i think you are an awesome blogger and you are way better at than me! :) They are addicting thought, aren't they? :)

    If you want to read another funny one read this one...she's a hoot. She lives way out in the country somewhere and blogs about all kinds of stuff. She has beautiful pictures, too!



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