On the Run... Again...Finally

Yes, it's really true. After 3 weeks I finally completed a longer run. I almost talked myself out of it since it was rainy again, but I am SOOO glad I didn't listen. There was a small group of BAF 7@7ers and a group of some Tri Trainers going out on their bike rides. Almost all of the runners were from the Yellow group, meaning way faster than me, but I followed in their dust. I wasn't sure how I'd feel after missing for sooo long. I hadn't done a longish run since Seabrook Lucky Trails Half in March! I guess my body remembered, thank goodness. I ran 6 miles and felt pretty good. I tried to stick with the 7:1 intervals (run 7 minutes, walk 1). Here's the outstanding WOO-HOO part (for me)...my average pace was 11:59. I know to some (like the Yellow group 9:00 pace) that isn't any big deal; but for me it's woo-hoo huge!

My Running Essentials:

Coolmax type shirt(preferably in pink)
UnderArmour liner shorts w/Nike shorts over
Mizuno Wave Creation shoes
Thin, Coolmax type socks(sometimes with fun prints, like flamingoes)
Garmin Forerunner
My iPod shuffle w/the clip (amazing!) stocked with must-have tunes
Fuel Belt with Gatorade
Espresso Love GU
Body Glide & Vaseline (for my feet...no blisters allowed!)

Stretching is essential afterwards!! I also foam roll and use my Stick when needed to massage out sore spots.

My goals for the next 2 weeks are to get in (at least) an 8 miler and another 6 miler before the Heels and Hills Half on May 6. I'll also stick with 3x a week weight & cardio sessions. I can't wait for the official Bay Area Fit Training season to start in July! 26.2 or Bust--I mean it this year!! W00-Hoo!!

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  1. Holly!!!!! Where have I been!!!! I love your blog!!!!! I am glad you are back "on the run" again! I know it feels good! You go Bird, you go!!! I will have to check back on you- I have tried to be better blogging- I will have to pick up the pace! You have motivated me! Love ya!


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