Sometimes Junebugs Just Die...

This morning as we were on our way out the door to school, Annelise stopped to look at the junebug beside our doormat. Then, she noticed another one near the steps and said, "Oh, I think the junebug's dead. What happened?" Of course my goal is to get us into the car, buckled up and on our way, so I said quickly "Sometimes junebugs just die." She then said, "Like Memaw and Duchess." I realized that she is still processing her grandmother's (Memaw) death back in August. Duchess was Memaw & Pappo's dog who was put down a little bit before Ruby died. Now that I think about it she's been mentioning her more and talking about Heaven and God. Usually it's just from time to time, in an off hand manner. Amy has told me that she has talked about her in Bible Hour too, that her Memaw was in Heaven, but she still had a Pappo. She likes to look at pictures too occasionally. I guess we need to tell more stories about her. It's still hard to do that around Pappo. I think a few months back she said something about Memaw being in Heaven with God and Daddy (Pappo) got pretty upset. I know she misses her and doesn't quite know how to express those feelings. I don't want her to forget how much Memaw loved her and how excited she was to spend time with her.

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