There's Joy in the Trash

Last night, while I was meeting with the Girls for our Bible study, we were commenting on how often it's our attitude or perspective that affects our daily life, good or bad. What say? Well, I guess I mean the attitude we choose to have affects just about everything. Maybe happiness is a choice. Of course we sometimes have a truly grumpy, moody day. Sometimes though we need to change our perspective, even if we have to force it, and before we know it we are enjoying mundane life tasks, well, hopefully. See the joy in the service, in the everyday stuff.

Take A. for example. She has convinced me that there is joy in taking out the trash. Of course she's 3, but hey--I say "You go girl!" Over the last couple of months Scott has had her help him gather up the trash from the various baskets around the house and take it out to Big Brown. It's a great day when they take it all the way to the end of the driveway for pick-up. Who knew that was an adventure? She takes a lot of pride in her "job" too and doesn't want to miss out on any of it! It's soooo funny to see her get out the new trash bag and shake it open like she watched Scott do and then carefully put it in the can. She only asks for help if she REALLY can't get it, otherwise...stand back!

Maybe there can be joy in the trash, and the other daily tasks, if I try to change my perspective.

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