• I heart Target. If I'm not in there at least once a week I don't know what to do with myself. This is not a good obsession. Today's must haves were Coconut Creme coffeemate; mascara; lip gloss (still searching for THE right shade, what was I thinking about something called Melon-Ball?); hair products; Canadian bacon and of course...Mint Milanos. Why does Target continue to put these on sale?? Today's trick was to only carry a hand held basket. They still seem to hold a lot.

  • Annelise seems to have learned that toys (especially plastic ones) break when tossed from the top of the stairs. I think she had an inkling this could happen, she just wanted to make sure. She really liked that little egg that walked when you wound it up. It's now in 6 different pieces.

  • Today I only made one pot of coffee. This is good. I did have Starbucks twice. This is bad.

  • Even though Scott won't admit this, he has proven that you CAN have the same conversation every day. Or you can attempt to, until your wife (me) calls you out.

  • If you call McDonald's to see which Wizard of Oz doll they have, be prepared to ask your question 5 times.

  • I made it through my workout this a.m. and cardio on the elliptical. I was fighting it today. I feel like a running fraud right now since I have missed 3 long runs over the past 3 Saturdays. Gotta get into the groove again!

  • I felt a small sense of pride and accomplishment when I "caught" A. with all of the big scrapbooks out. She obviously needed a picture moment and was deep into looking through all the memories. I thought that was so sweet! She's strong too because she somehow managed to haul them down off the dining room table.

  • I heart Crystal Light Ruby Red Grapefruit drink. I'm already on my second batch, and I just bought the container yesterday! It's quite yummy.

  • I heart this shirt. Life Is Good! I love their slogan "Do what you like, like what you do." I keep the tag beside the kitchen sink. I do feel like a fraud wearing it right now though since I haven't been on a long run in 3 weeks. Eeek!

  • Another new obsession: blogging! Seems to have temporarily replaced my running obsession. This must be the computer's view of me!

(I noticed other blogger's having a "Self-Portrait Tuesday", though I'm not sure why Tuesday, I like the idea of taking a pic. of what I'm doing, into, obsessed with at the moment, etc. I figure if you can scraplift you can bloglift, right?)

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