To Comment or Not

I don't know about you, but I am always excited to see comments after my posts. This is another aspect of my Blog obsession/addiction. Some of the Girls (a.k.a. best buds) have been so sweet and thoughtful to read my blog and comment when they can. This just makes my day for several reasons.

  • Each of these Girls is a very busy mom with very busy little people. They squeeze in time to keep in touch, which is sooo thoughtful.
  • We are able to stay in contact and also get to know each other in different ways. Every blog post is different. From updates on families and activities, to little things like daily chores, to funny experiences, to deeper thoughts and reflections. Every post shares a little piece of "me", whatever the "me" is feeling & doing at that particular time.
  • I feel more connected. One of my dear friends recently moved and is adjusting to life in her new home and town. Even though she is 5+ hours away, I still feel close which is wonderful.
  • I am not a great phone person (I guess I need to work on that). I always feel like I'm interrupting or intruding. That might not even be true, but it's the excuse I tell myself. Blogging, while not as personal, seems to be a nice compromise. People can read and comment at the time that's best for them. (I promise to try to become a better phone person!)

Sometimes I wonder who else is out there? I have noticed on my cluster map that people from all over have "dropped by for a visit". I think that's great. Why don't they comment? Why do I worry that they didn't? Silly, but then I feel inadequate, my blog isn't interesting, an so on. I guess my blog has self-esteem issues.

Challenge to self: Even though I don't know someone, if I can relate to their post, I challenge myself to leave a comment.

Do you comment on blogs that interest you, but you may not know them personally?


  1. HOLLY...your blog is GREAT!! The person who read it probably just feels the same way as you do!! Tell your blog to not be "down on itself!" We LOVE it! haha

  2. I love your blog! I always look forward to reading it during my CRAZY day!!! It makes me laugh out loud and feel normal because you write about the thoughts and obsessions we all have!

    Hang in there my blog friend!

    It is so nice to keep in touch this way!

  3. Hey, I ran into your name/comment on another blog!! I was so excited to see your name!!!! Great comment by the way-

  4. Comments rule.....thats all I ve to say about that!

    I love reading your blog, Holly! It rocks!

  5. Good for you for challenging yourself to comment, I'm now seeing your blog because you commented on mine.

    I'd much rather have strangers commenting on my blog than lurking on a regular basis. My attitude is "why not just be friends?" I don't personally know the majority of the people whose blogs I read, but I've become friends with them because we comment back and forth on each others' blogs. It's wonderful.

  6. I am so bad about not commenting! I just found your blog and read this post so I thought I'd tell you that your blog is great! Most of the time I don't comment, b/c my blog reading is almost always cut short by the 3 little munchkins that call me mommy.


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