Weekend Activities

A. on the run to grab some more eggs. We went to the annual Easter egg hunt at Walnut Park. It was soooo cold...brrr! We finished just before the rain hit, thank goodness!

A. showing off one of her treats.
Scott, Annelise and Pappo
Mama (me) and A.
A. loved to dye eggs this year! We dyed them and then "spackled" them with paint. Truly messy.
Lessons learned:
  • Don't turn off the gas before the surprise April cold front. We spent the weekend bundled and huddled around space heaters. Kinda scary, but effective. A. liked having the warm "fan" next to her bed.
  • Dress warmer for the egg hunt in the park during the surprise April cold front.
  • When dyeing eggs, use the provided holder (or at least a plastic spoon) while dipping and turning the eggs. Unless, of course, you like having green and blue fingertips for the next day and a half.
  • Astros Ballbark is NOT heated. We kept our coats on the whole game Saturday night. At least we weren't completely in the elements like some ballparks! Also, they won against the Cardinals. Yea!!


  1. i love the easter pics! too cute. thanks for sharing. you are like the best blogger ever! :) love ya!

  2. i love your hair!! i have wanting to see it because you said it was different- looks great!!!


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