Welcome Home

A little berry sunshine for the back door.

Pretty pomegranates for the front door.

Yesterday I had a few minutes before I had to pick up A. from preschool, so I popped into Marshall's. I have been having a strong urge to find neutral wreaths I could leave up on the doors in between holidays. You never know what you'll find at Marshall's (which, of course, is part of the fun). It must have been my lucky day. I saw these right away and before I could debate it too much I grabbed them and got in line. I was immediately happier and couldn't wait to get home to hang them. Silly? Maybe. Doors, and therefore homes, seem much more welcoming and homey when they have wreaths. At least to me.

The cowbell beside the back door may never land our home in the pages of Southern Living, but it's special to me. My grandparents (Sue and Archie) had it hanging (on the cut tree branch of course) beside their back door, let's just say forever. I'm glad we have it beside ours now because I see it and think of them all the time.

What says welcome to you? What special touches do you like to put around your doors to make your home more homey and inviting?


  1. I need a new wreath for my door! No marshalls or Hobby Lobby here.. BUT that could be my adventure for the weekend- where can I find a wreath in Weatherford????

    I think rugs and candles make a home feel warm. I also love real plants in the house!

  2. I love fresh cut flowers on the table although I don't have any at the moment.

    Love the wreaths! :) Your house always looks beautiful though!


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