What Sign? I Didn't See a Sign

Since when did people stop obeying posted signs? I have been noticing more and more disregard to posted signs, especially traffic signs. Tonight, on the way home from Bible study with the Girls, I stopped at a red light. At this particular intersection there is a sign that says "No turn on Red". Okay. So I sit there and wait for the green light. No one honked at me, but 3 other cars went around me blatantly ignoring this sign. What? It doesn't apply to them? Another one that bothers me is disregard for yield signs. First, I don't think there are as many yield signs as there used to be. I think the Sign People gave up because they were just ignored. It's a slippery slope, what will people ignore next? No Smoking, No Parking/Handicapped Only, Stop Signs?

What driving or traffic pet peeves do you have?

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  1. Ask Quotation for [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDd4CDFuXqE]Channel Letters[/url] and large brass signs


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