Thursday Thoughts

Just some random musings this evening. I realize that it's a bit pitiful that I was only able to come up with four.

  • Do NOT go to the grocery store when you have PMS. As I was unloading my cart on to the conveyor belt I was somewhat embarrassed. Seriously.

  • My husband was so sweet to let me go to the Ladies' Night Out, for the ladies from church, even though it was his birthday. Thanks Scott!

  • If you want to see some serious work and concentration, give A. a paper punch, some scraps of paper and a glue stick. She will punch her little heart out and then glue it back together.

  • Sprinkles make everything better.

Want to get involved in a fun swap?

Kelly is organizing a favorite things swap. It's open to everyone in blogville and sounds like fun. Hurry, you have until June 8th to join in. I think I'm going to jump on board.

You Say It's Your Birthday

Happy Birthday Scott!!
Oh my goodness sakes alive...
look who's turned????
(Feel free to fill in with appropriate rhyming word)
Love You!!
H. & A.


God Answers Prayers of All Sizes

Meet Fifi, A.'s special stuffed friend, to whom she has become quite attached.

Fifi usually goes almost everywhere A. goes. Around the house, car rides, stores and especially to bed. Being Fifi is so small and A. being 3.5 and easily distracted, Fifi sometimes gets misplaced and "lost". Many trips have been made out to the car to retrieve this little black ball of fur.

This was the traumatic scene the other night. Fifi could not be found, even after extensive searching. A. could not remember where she had left her. The clock was ticking towards A.'s bedtime and she would have to go Fifi- less. She chose another bedtime friend, but it wasn't the same. She had trouble drifting off to sleep and called me back in there to ask me to play her music one more time. Then she said that maybe God could help. I asked if she wanted to say a prayer and she did. It was precious. Soon, she was asleep. The next morning, Scott found Fifi behind our sofa cushion. A. was ecstatic and knew God had answered her prayer. It makes me so happy that she is learning about God and starting to pray a little on her own.

This is A. later that night. Fifi was right where she should be and all was right in A.'s world!


Once Upon A Time...

almost twelve years ago, a couple decided to marry.

They married on a bright June day, the 17th to be exact and drove off in a 1957 T-Bird. As for the dress, remember, this was when poof was still popular. And the wife did have a bow on her bottom. Gag. Soon, the wife quit her job at NASA and went back to school to get her teaching certification. Why wasn't this obtained while still at ACU???

In 1997, 10 years ago, the wife settled in to her new role as a 4th grade teacher. Pardon the appearance of a teaching supply store throwing up in her classroom. The wife often lives by the motto, less is not more, more is more.

The wife's favorite part of teaching included the creative activities, history (especially all things Texas), and field trips. She so enjoyed being a chaperone on the 5th grade trips to Washington D.C each spring. She loved seeing all the monuments, the buildings, and especially Arlington Cemetery. Her least favorite teaching experience was the pressure for state test performance. Gag.

In 2000, the husband and wife decided to build their dream home. Wife also decided it was time to stay at home and hopefully start to hear little ones toddling through their new home.

By 2002, no little people yet. So husband and wife travel to Singapore on a mission trip. Overall a wonderful experience.

By 2004, still no little people yet and many rounds of fertility treatments, including IVF and a miscarriage. Husband and wife learn God has another plan, halfway around the world. So they...

travel to Moscow, Russia to meet...

a precious little person who was waiting just for them. Her name was Nadya and she was 13 months old. Husband and wife were overwhelmed with joy. Now this little person is...

called Annelise, although her middle name is still Nadya. She is 3.5 years old and husband and wife are still overwhelmed with joy.
Hopefully to live happily ever after.
What will the next 10 years hold?

This is the Day

That the Lord had made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24

It feels great to be back on track! This morning I woke up before 4:00ish and tossed and turned, but couldn't go back to sleep. Scott's alarm went off at 5:00 so he could go exercise. I thought, "No! I'm actually awake. It's my day." So I asked him if I could go instead since I couldn't go back to sleep. Thanks to him I'm back. It felt so good to be running again, even just around our street. I got 3 miles done and then took Sadie for another mile walk. Go me.

It was still early and the house was still quiet, so after I stretched I drank my coffee and watched the season finale of Lost. What a treat!

I'm off for a more productive day. I think.

P.S. Don't fall over, but I vacuumed too.


Confession Time Thursday

No, I'm not Catholic, but I feel the need to get some things off my chest. In the spirit of confession being good for the soul and all.

  • Somebody needs to take me out to the woodshed. I have not exercised in too many days to count. Yet, I continue to eat like a truck driver. I keep saying tomorrow.
  • I have not been inspired to clean the whole house, or even most of it at once. Although I love the end result. Each day I do a little something or other. Or not. Where has my motivation gone?I keep saying tomorrow.
  • I think it left me when I stopped making myself get up for a 5:00 workout. For a while there I was having such full days, energized, getting stuff done, etc.
  • Now I've been staying up later and therefore NOT the least interested in getting up early to run. I keep saying tomorrow.
  • I've been ignoring Sadie's fur tumbleweeds (see above). I will sometimes pick them up, but get out the vacuum? Or even the Swiffer? Nope. I keep saying tomorrow.
  • The Girls weren't able to meet this week for Bible Study. This depresses me on several levels. One, for the friendship, girl time and of course, coffee. Two, for not having time and discussion in the Word together. Three, for thinking that my life isn't busy enough to need to miss. Crazy, I know.
  • I've been creeping out of bed to the kitchen to make coffee. Steaming cup in hand, I creep back to bed to read for a while.
  • Yet, I know I should read my Bible and pray before I do anything else and I won't make time for it later in the day. But, I don't.
  • I've been giving in to my creative urges to make cards and scrapbook. See above about the cleaning and exercising.
  • I have fallen off the Good Mail wagon, yet yearn to get back on.
  • I have not been to a 7@7 run in, oh let's see, 2 weeks. Although I do take the time to prepare my running bag, fuel belt and lay out my clothes the night before. I keep saying next week.
  • Annelise and I joined the Y last week, but have not yet returned. I keep saying tomorrow.
  • I had to fight the urge to bang my head against the wall several times yesterday. This feeling would suddenly come over me after answering the same rotating questions from A. for the zillionth time. Sorry, but I'm being honest.

Okay, I know just need to get over myself. I need to actually do what I'm whining about and re-establish my better habits. Yep...maybe tomorrow.


Annelise's Ballet Recital

(Annelise is second from the left.)

After much anticipation and practice, the time had finally come for A.'s big moment up on stage. Her recital was Saturday night at the Grand Opera House in Galveston. Yes, our little girl has made the big time. She was so excited to wear her costume and makeup. She took Mrs. Jill's instruction to cover up her costume before the show seriously, she kept making sure her Wizard of Oz t-shirt was pulled down over every last inch of tutu. She stared in wonderment at the bigger girls getting all dolled up in their costumes in the dressing room. She was starstruck.

Soon it was time to hand her over to her Big Dance Sister who kept her company until it was her turn and I headed out to find my seat. The Opera House was packed with proud parents, relatives and friends anxious to see their little stars. You could feel the love. Before we knew it her music was cued and all her little classmates were teetering on stage on their tippy toes. But wait! Where's Annelise? Why hasn't she followed behind Rose? Sudden stage fright? No, Mrs. Jill told me later that A. stopped on her way out to give her a hug.

She danced her little heart out and did her best. We were so proud, our hearts were 5x bigger inside our shirts, bursting with love and pride. All too soon her moment was over and she had to relinquish the stage to the older girls. Until next year.

At least she hasn't let the fame go to her head. Yet.


Anatomy of a Headache

As I barely peeked out from the covers this morning, I realized something was amiss. With my head. There was a bothersome tension behind my left eye. I crept to the kitchen to start coffee thinking caffeine would stave off a full blown headache. Soon, just the smell of coffee was twirling my tummy, lights were hurting my eyes and I almost could swear the room was spinning. Just a little. Yep, a migraine settled in and made itself at home inside my brain for most of the day. Swell.
I get them from time to time, I don't know what triggers them.
Thankfully, A. slept a little bit later this morning and was so sweet when I told her how I was feeling. She said that God would heal it. That and a couple of doses of ibuprofen.
Finally, by late afternoon I was feeling much better. Whew.


Pink Challenge

Lacie put a challenge out there to find and discuss something pink. At first I thought this would be hard to narrow down to one thing, since I love all things pink and have a daughter who also loves pink. I thought and thought. Then I thought a little bit more before it hit me. The best high school, poor girl meets rich boy, teenage angst riddled movie almost ever(See below). And it has John Cryer as Duckie (I don't like him now, but thought he was pretty funny then). Best of all it's PINK! And PRETTY!

Along with the movie, there was the soundtrack filled with alternative (80s style) songs. Who can forget OMD, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Smiths, INXS, New Order and The Psychedelic Furs? Ah, the memories. I had the cassette and thought I was so cool. Emphasis on thought.

Let's just take a moment and reflect on how cool Molly Ringwald was. She spoke for a generation of preteen and teenage girls. I guess she was the Hanna Montana and Hilary Duff of the 80s. Maybe. Remember Sixteen Candles? Oh. My. Goodness. Teenage classic!

Then there's The Breakfast Club. The Jock, The Geek, The Loser, The Popular Girl and The Nobody. High School pretty much summed up in 2 hours. I remember I saw this at the movie theater on a date. I have no memory of who the guy was, but of course, I remember the movie. The Simple Minds song, "Don't You Forget About Me" was our senior song. So cool. Yep.

I like to imagine these actors frozen in time, in all their 80s fabulousness, because then I'm still right there with them. At least in my mind.


A Post of Monumental Importance

In the spirit of good fun I wanted to find out what everyone else is carrying around in their purses. I realized I've been lugging around a lot of stuff! Some of it had been long forgotten-ICK!

Here is the culprit. I think it's too big because more and more obviously very important items keep finding their way inside.

The basics: water, wallet, flamingo calendar, checkbook, Bible, and small make-up bag.

Next we find my cell phone, sunglasses, A.'s Hanes Her Way, ticket from Astros game last night, wet wipes (a must have), hand lotion, Purell, various pens and a pencil, pocket tissues, the essential Starbucks card, and what purse is complete without a small ballerina?

My own personal concession stand includes 2 lollipops, almonds (for me),raisins of questionable quality, small snack bag of peanut butter crackers for A., cookie and snack bar (yum), and the finishing course includes Altoids and gum.

A look inside the inner sanctum of my purse--the make-up bag --clearly shows the fascination I have with lip gloss. This also shows my inability to find the perfect shade and documents my ongoing quest. I'm addicted.

If nothing else, sharing this valuable, life changing information with you allowed me to clean out my purse. I was able to find and discard bunches of wadded up tissues(ick-ola), old receipts, and replace my checks. So my friends, thank you.

Tag you're it! What are you carrying around these days?

Under Pressure

Why is that David Bowie song spinning around in my head? I feel pressure...and I shouldn't. Reading is a relaxing escape, a pleasure, and adventure in another time or life. Sometimes I feel like I'm the main character and I'm living that life. I love that. At times though, I feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of books that I have around the house, all whispering, "Read me, read me." I feel the pressure of them.

Rewind three years ago when I could spend hours, even parts of an entire day reading, lost in my book. Not that I'm complaining (well okay, a little), but my reading time has been reduced to a few minutes before I can't keep my eyes open any more at bed time. This isn't my ideal scenario. At this rate I'll never finish all the books whispering to me. Oh the pressure!


Annelise Ballerina??

Today was A.'s last dance class. Her dress rehearsal is Friday afternoon and then it's on to the big stage show Saturday night. I can't wait to see her up on stage! I wonder what she'll do (you just can't predict these things). Will she dance and sing? Will she stand there and stare, dumbfounded by the lights and audience? Will she cry and want to run off the stage? Will she try to steal the show? I keep imagining all the possible scenarios. We shall see.

Believe it or not, she has learned a lot this year. In the beginning she liked to stand and stare at herself in the wall length mirror and play with her skirt. She was so easily distracted and overly interested in what the other little girls were doing. Bless Mrs. Jill and Mrs. Jackie for their patience and perseverance. They love these little girls and were always so kind and patient as they repeated and demonstrated. And repeated again. I'm so thankful A. was in their class!

Today all the moms were invited into the dance room to watch. I was secretly disappointed, just a little, because I had brought my new book and was planning on reading. Oh well! All the little girls did so well, they've all grown and learned so much. A. paid attention better and tried to do all the steps as best she could. It was so neat to hear Mrs. Jill call out a term -- in French no less--and they could all do the step. I don't know if Ballerina or Tap Dancer is A.'s future career, but she does enjoy it, so we'll be back next fall for sure.


Music and Memories

Saturday morning I met The Girls for breakfast at La Madeleine. It was special because we were celebrating Heather's birthday and Lacie was also in town for a visit. We were chatting about getting older, how it felt, how we still felt the same, etc. Now, you must realize that I am the elder of the group. They are beginning their 30s and mine will be in my rear view mirror in a couple of years. That's okay. Anyway, we all agreed that we still felt young (which of course we still are) and hip (which of course we are).

This morning I realized I am getting older in one way (of course there are others, which shall not be discussed at this time). I'm evolving into my parents, at least in the case of radio music. When I was a kid my dad always played music from "his generation", the 50s & early 60s. He firmly believes rock n roll died when the Beatles crossed the Atlantic. It was either 50s bop or country (and western) growing up, everything else was just noise. As a teenager this was a point of much stress.

Now I realize I am almost exactly like that. In the car, when A. isn't riding with me, I crank up 106.9. Yes, 80s rock. I'm sooo cool, I know. I had to giggle this a.m. when The Cars "Shake It Up" came on, the volume knob mysteriously turned to the right and I was transformed to 8th grade cheerleading tryouts in the auditorium. I didn't make it (30+ girls trying out for 8 spots), but that's okay, I have the memory. I still like other music too, but I've discovered I'm somewhat attached to the 80s ---just like my dad and 50s bop---it recalls my youth.


I'd Better Get My Running Shoes On

Since I haven't actually done any running this past week, I decided I should at least talk about it. My brain is always stewing and brewing over my future running experiences, so I thought I'd share some of my Oh My Goodness Goals. Dream big, live big!

  • Complete my first full marathon (26.2) in January at the Chevron Houston Marathon.
  • Run at least a half marathon in all 50 states. I haven't set a firm completion date, but I hope to do between 2-4 a year. I might be 75 and still working on this, that's okay!
  • Run internationally, don't have a big list right now. I'd like to run in Paris and in China along the Great Wall. These are really OMGG!

The races I'd like to run across the United States include:

  • Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. (they only have a full marathon.)
  • San Francisco Half (across the Golden Gate Bridge)
  • Little Rock, Arkansas Half
  • Phoenix, Arizona Half
  • Philadelphia Half
  • New York City (they only have the full)
  • Disneyworld Goofy Challenge (Half and Full +3 medals)

I think it should be a great way to see the diverse country we live in. I hope we can do most of them as a family, when A. is a little older and can appreciate more of the sights, maybe even run in some of them, etc.


Who Needs to Measure When It's Cute?

"Mama, come see my organizing!" is what I heard as I started up the stairs. A. was so proud to show me how she "organized" her animals. Start 'em young right?

This cabinet though is a bit of a sore spot right now between Scott and myself. In my eagerness to arrange things I chose this at Target. It looked so cute filled with colorful canvas bins. My biggest concern was lifting it off the shelf and into our cart, so no, I didn't consider its dimensions. I was sure it would fit in A.'s closet, no problem. Fast forward to this morning when sweet husband finishes turning the last screw and hauls it upstairs. I think I sensed a touch of "I told you so" in his tone when it in fact did not fit. He may have even been concealing a slight smile. Now, what to do with an apparently oversized cube system? I'll have to rethink things a bit.

I did finally get started with the clearing out and organizing over the last two days. It felt so good to sort through everything and then put it up in cute baskets, boxes, and bins. Once A. realized that ALL of her toys weren't going away she was okay with the process. She helped sort her books into a keep and share stack, pack up her outgrown shoes and clothes for the resale store, sort her toys and smush shoe boxes (to fit better in the bag).

I still have more to tackle, but it does feel good to see some progress! Whee!

Our Daisy

Last night was A.'s Spring Show at her little school. She was so excited to be a daisy and to be up on stage! I was surprised by how much she took her performance seriously. You could hear her teachers sing, maybe some of the other boys and girls, but then there was A. I thought "What is that loud noise?" and I soon realized it was her. She was singing her little daisy heart out. Loudly. We had to giggle. A lot. Oh to be three!
Sorry, my pictures aren't very good. (She is the daisy on the far left, with the little boy next to her staring in amazement at her loudness.)


Good Mail from the Girls

A little joy in our mailbox recently when a batch of Good Mail arrived from sweet Lacie. A. was overjoyed to have her own little package to open. She LOVES the fun pom-poms, Kannon has excellent taste! I can't wait to use the pretty plates and napkins for a summer picnic. Merci sweet Lacie!

A few days later, more Good Mail. I think I did a happy dance! A sweet note from Maria, and 2 (yes, two!) thoughtful cards from sweet Lacie. Thank you bunches!

Deanna sent a fun notepad with flip flops (my year round shoe wear of choice) along with a teeny tiny charm for my cell phone-how fun is that?? She's always up on the coolest stuff. Gracias D.!

Heather sent some sunshine in a bag with sunflower seeds and a butterfly garden stake along with a sweet note and yummy Creme Savors. Mucho Thanko H.!

Last, but certainly not least, Kim sent me a darling set of coffee printed dish towels - 2 of my favorite things - love them, along with a fun note. Thank you oodles of noodles K.!

Good Mail truly made my week! (Yes, really.) It's a little bit of joy, fun, whimsy and friendship in the mailbox. I love these girls so much! I'm so very fortunate to share my life with them and to be a part of theirs.


As the Minutes Tick Past...

Today was A.'s 3rd to the last day at little school before summer break. These days are valuable. They are numbered. I need to savor each and every one of the remaining few. What did I choose to do with my precious time? Start the organizing I've been whining about? Plan menus for the upcoming weeks? (Who am I kidding-I'd never do that!) Read quietly while sipping ice tea? Nope. After a few household cleaning jobs I plopped down on the couch to catch up on the past 2 weeks of Grey's Anatomy. Once I started there was no stopping me. I'm telling myself it was time well spent. Yep. Uh-huh.



3 Things I'm obsessed with lately:
  1. Cleaning and drying the kitchen sink. I am getting out of control with this one I think, and since we use it so much I'm stuck in a vicious cycle. My new cool trick is to use powdered dish washing detergent, like Electrosol. It smells great and leaves everything clean & shiny.
  2. Good mail. My new thing to try is making Good Mail labels.
  3. Trying to read more of my latest book before falling asleep at bedtime. It's taking forever.

3 Things I'm avoiding:

  1. Sorting, clearing, arranging A.'s toys, shoes, clothes, paraphernalia, etc. I mainly liked choosing the cute containers for this task. I suppose this speaks to a deep personality trait.
  2. Cleaning up my craft area. I want the nice end result though, of course.
  3. Basically starting all of the organizing I know I NEED to do.

I guess the overall problem is starting. I will. Soon. Maybe today. I know once I get going I'll be obsessed with finishing.

What 3 things are you obsessed with lately and what 3 things are you avoiding?


Shopping was the Fun Part

This is the view from our breakfast room table 1.5 days after a big shopping extravaganza at Target and Wal-Mart. My head was full of ideas to sort, organize, arrange, beautify. I even bought big dog garbage bags to help with the clearing out. Now, as I look at all the cute baskets, boxes and pockets I realize I have to do the work. Hence the table still full. Sigh.
Do you have a knack for organizing? What works best for you? Is there hope for me?


My Inner Kenyan Was on Vacation

A. loved giving high 5s to the runners as they passed.

It was great to see Scott and A. along the course!

A. waiting beside the Mustangs at Williams Square for Mama to finish.

A big hug after the finish!

A little race bling.
Yes, my inner Kenyan abandoned me Sunday and forgot to tell me. That's okay. I finished the race and the Love the Half Texas Challenge, so Woo...but maybe not a full WooHoo. Here are the Lovin' Its and the Not So Muches:
Lovin' It
  • Running skirts. Who knew how cool they were? I'm a skirt convert now. I took advantage of the pink skirt special ($25) and bought a black one too. I ended up wearing the black one and LOVED IT. They have compression, Coolmax type shorts under them (with a very cool pocket) and then the flirty, flippy skirt on top. Too cool. Check out SkirtSports.com
  • The race had a girly theme and the majority of runners were women.
  • Lots of PINK.
  • Lots of skirts. I like that running can be girly too.
  • Colorful technical shirt in bright, hot pink.
  • Cool finisher's medal
  • Second girly finisher treat...a pink skirt key chain.
  • Free pair of pink socks for running in my new cool skirt.
  • A. giving out tons of High Fives. I'm molding a future runner and race supporter!
  • Scenic course
  • The young boy holding a big "Girls Rock" sign along the course. I bet that made his mom proud!
  • Great overall race organization and support.

Not so Much

  • How many times and how loudly can I say how HOT it was? This really zapped me. Apparently, my inner Kenyan prefers cold weather (odd isn't it?).
  • Since it was the first Heels and Hills and also a smaller race, there weren't a lot of spectators along the course. A little bit lonely out there. I hope it gets more publicity and spectator support next year.

An Afternoon in the Country

A. and K. go fishing. A. thought this game was sooo cool!

A little butterfly hunting and ant observation.

Time to fish again!

Followed by some serious swinging and...

climbing and sliding and jumping and running and just about every other possible "ing" activity!

While we were in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this weekend, we drove out to Brock to visit our good friends that have recently moved. It was so wonderful to see them and see their new home! It hardly seemed like a month had passed, Lacie and I just picked up where we left off. That's one of the many things that's so special about close friends...being comfortable.
Their new home is absolutely beautiful! Lacie has just outdone herself (of course). While it's different from their house here, it's already "them", with all of Lacie's cozy and special touches. They have land, space and freedom. The view from their back porch is so nice and relaxing, with hills, wildflowers, cows and horses. I bet the stars are breathtaking out there! We got to see the town and schools where K. and B. will someday play baseball. They can enjoy the country life and drive into a bigger town when needed and occasionally get over to the Big City. What a life! It seems they have the best of both worlds.
A. was overjoyed to see K. and spend the afternoon playing! They had sooo much fun together and played really well. That was such a joy to see! Even though A. was exhausted she was still wound up when we got back to our hotel it took her a while to wind down.
It was such a fun afternoon, I didn't want it to end! I loved being there, talking & playing, talking & eating, talking & sightseeing, talking & drinking coffee (notice the talking theme here?)


Have Running Shoes...Will Travel

We're loading up and heading north for the weekend. We'll be in Las Colinas, which is near Irving, which is between Fort Worth and Dallas. Got it? Sunday is my final race of this season, the Heels and Hills Half Marathon. I'm looking forward to it because it marks my 6th and last race of the Love the Half Challenge. WooHoo! The race is organized by a woman and has a pink theme. How cool is that? They are even offering a discount on running skirts by SkirtSports. I've never worn one, much less ran in one, but I don't think I can pass up a pink skirt special!
We plan to make a trip out to Brock,TX on Saturday to visit our dear friends that recently flew the coop. I can't wait to see them and their new country life! A. is beside herself with pure glee.


All This Could Be Ours For .31

Tonight was .31 cent scoop night at Baskin-Robbins. I casually mentioned this to Scott over supper and he was intrigued. A. was beside herself. So we check it out. At the first store, once we navigate through the ravaged parking lot, we see a line. Not just any line. A line like it was a rock concert. So, we pass and head across Clear Lake to another BR store. Now you must also know that we NEVER go to BR. But hey, who can pass up .31 cent scoops? The second location was even more crowded. There was even a fire truck. Needless to say we gave up. Our hearts just weren't truly invested I guess. We did enjoy a 30 minute car ride throughout Clear Lake. Good times.

Green Goes With Everything, Right?

Imagine my surprise when after racing to dance class on 2 wheels, hustling inside and getting A. into her tap shoes and into class, I begin noticing discreet glances from moms sitting on Moms' Row (the seats outside the dance class door). I look down and realize I was STILL wearing these crazy green Crocs. What? No, I wasn't wearing any other green and St. Pat's was months ago!

These are the ones I meant to wear and in our severe lateness I forgot to change. Whoops! The moms on Moms' Row thought I was slightly off, I'm sure! I was thinking to myself about "Lacie the Unexpected" and just relaxed. Of course we made a quick side trip home to change before meeting Scott for lunch.

A. had to have her picture taken too with her Hello Kitty crocs.
What's the funniest absent minded moment you've had?

Spring Blooms... With or Without Us

Our roses are starting to bloom! We have four different varieties growing in containers. I ordered them online from Antique Rose Emporium. I know absolutely nothing about growing roses, so I selected hardy varieties that thrive on neglect. Seriously. These are the ones that have been found growing along highways and beside forgotten farmhouses. I figured they were made for us! These babies have been raising themselves, bless their little hearts. These cabbage roses are my favorite.

Antique Rose Emporium is based in Texas and sells all different types of roses, most that are native to Texas and the South. You can visit online at antiqueroseemporium.com.

I want to show off our recent attempt at freshening up our flowerbeds. I love to admire our friends' green thumbs and pictures in magazines and books, but Sally Gardener, I am not. It's a skill and love I wish I had, but I don't. We do muddle along and try occasionally. We picked out some Bottlebrush, Salvia, Dusty Miller and some small red, pink, and yellow blooming plants (can't remember their names). Scott planted and A. and I "supervised". Wish them luck!

Do you have a green thumb? Are you one with the earth? What plants do you like best in your flower beds?
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