An Afternoon in the Country

A. and K. go fishing. A. thought this game was sooo cool!

A little butterfly hunting and ant observation.

Time to fish again!

Followed by some serious swinging and...

climbing and sliding and jumping and running and just about every other possible "ing" activity!

While we were in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this weekend, we drove out to Brock to visit our good friends that have recently moved. It was so wonderful to see them and see their new home! It hardly seemed like a month had passed, Lacie and I just picked up where we left off. That's one of the many things that's so special about close friends...being comfortable.
Their new home is absolutely beautiful! Lacie has just outdone herself (of course). While it's different from their house here, it's already "them", with all of Lacie's cozy and special touches. They have land, space and freedom. The view from their back porch is so nice and relaxing, with hills, wildflowers, cows and horses. I bet the stars are breathtaking out there! We got to see the town and schools where K. and B. will someday play baseball. They can enjoy the country life and drive into a bigger town when needed and occasionally get over to the Big City. What a life! It seems they have the best of both worlds.
A. was overjoyed to see K. and spend the afternoon playing! They had sooo much fun together and played really well. That was such a joy to see! Even though A. was exhausted she was still wound up when we got back to our hotel it took her a while to wind down.
It was such a fun afternoon, I didn't want it to end! I loved being there, talking & playing, talking & eating, talking & sightseeing, talking & drinking coffee (notice the talking theme here?)

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  1. Come back ANY TIME!!!! I loved it just as much as you did! Trey even talked about how wonderful it was! We are blessed to have yall as friends!

    A.and K. are so fun to watch together! I love their imagination!


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