All This Could Be Ours For .31

Tonight was .31 cent scoop night at Baskin-Robbins. I casually mentioned this to Scott over supper and he was intrigued. A. was beside herself. So we check it out. At the first store, once we navigate through the ravaged parking lot, we see a line. Not just any line. A line like it was a rock concert. So, we pass and head across Clear Lake to another BR store. Now you must also know that we NEVER go to BR. But hey, who can pass up .31 cent scoops? The second location was even more crowded. There was even a fire truck. Needless to say we gave up. Our hearts just weren't truly invested I guess. We did enjoy a 30 minute car ride throughout Clear Lake. Good times.


  1. Hey Holly! On the way to Reid's game I saw that fire truck at BR. I was wondering what was going on. I thought maybe the joint was on fire or someone choked on a cup of mint chocolate chip. :)

    Glad yall had fun but sorry you didn't get any ice cream!

  2. Wow, now that's a great price for ice cream! Just checking-in! It's great that you love running so much - I've started a blogging distance report on my blog to see if I can get myself out the door running or on my treadmill. I put goals up and track them through the week. I was once a runner, and am now getting back into it again. Great blog! Happy running!
    Michelle A.

  3. we went to Ben and Jerry's on FREE ice cream night! there was a line, but they moved it fast (they had a system) and yes, it really was FREE!


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