Annelise Ballerina??

Today was A.'s last dance class. Her dress rehearsal is Friday afternoon and then it's on to the big stage show Saturday night. I can't wait to see her up on stage! I wonder what she'll do (you just can't predict these things). Will she dance and sing? Will she stand there and stare, dumbfounded by the lights and audience? Will she cry and want to run off the stage? Will she try to steal the show? I keep imagining all the possible scenarios. We shall see.

Believe it or not, she has learned a lot this year. In the beginning she liked to stand and stare at herself in the wall length mirror and play with her skirt. She was so easily distracted and overly interested in what the other little girls were doing. Bless Mrs. Jill and Mrs. Jackie for their patience and perseverance. They love these little girls and were always so kind and patient as they repeated and demonstrated. And repeated again. I'm so thankful A. was in their class!

Today all the moms were invited into the dance room to watch. I was secretly disappointed, just a little, because I had brought my new book and was planning on reading. Oh well! All the little girls did so well, they've all grown and learned so much. A. paid attention better and tried to do all the steps as best she could. It was so neat to hear Mrs. Jill call out a term -- in French no less--and they could all do the step. I don't know if Ballerina or Tap Dancer is A.'s future career, but she does enjoy it, so we'll be back next fall for sure.


  1. Oh I wish I could see her dance! I know she'll be great..no matter HOW she reacts!

  2. I will be waiting to see pictures from Sat. I bet she will steal the show!

  3. A mother with a book in her bag...sounds just like me. I carry mine everywhere because there's always time to wait (doctor's offices, baseball practices, even picking them up). Bet the recital will be great though!


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