Annelise's Ballet Recital

(Annelise is second from the left.)

After much anticipation and practice, the time had finally come for A.'s big moment up on stage. Her recital was Saturday night at the Grand Opera House in Galveston. Yes, our little girl has made the big time. She was so excited to wear her costume and makeup. She took Mrs. Jill's instruction to cover up her costume before the show seriously, she kept making sure her Wizard of Oz t-shirt was pulled down over every last inch of tutu. She stared in wonderment at the bigger girls getting all dolled up in their costumes in the dressing room. She was starstruck.

Soon it was time to hand her over to her Big Dance Sister who kept her company until it was her turn and I headed out to find my seat. The Opera House was packed with proud parents, relatives and friends anxious to see their little stars. You could feel the love. Before we knew it her music was cued and all her little classmates were teetering on stage on their tippy toes. But wait! Where's Annelise? Why hasn't she followed behind Rose? Sudden stage fright? No, Mrs. Jill told me later that A. stopped on her way out to give her a hug.

She danced her little heart out and did her best. We were so proud, our hearts were 5x bigger inside our shirts, bursting with love and pride. All too soon her moment was over and she had to relinquish the stage to the older girls. Until next year.

At least she hasn't let the fame go to her head. Yet.


  1. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for sharing your sweet experience! I couldn't help but tear a bit.

    What touched my heart most was to hear your sweet proud giggles in the back ground. Love ya!

    It is SO like Annelise to Hug her teacher before going onto the stage and to stop the girls from going off the stage because she is giving another one to a friend!

    TOO CUTE!!!

  2. Holly, Thanks!!

    She was adorable!! I, too, teared up and loved your little giggles in the background.

    LOVED it!

  3. I just watched the clip again with Kannon and he smiled trough the whole thing! When it was over he said," I want to see Annelise again!"

    How fun!

  4. That is the sweetest thing!! I am so glad that you got that on camera. I am so sad that my camcorder was on the blink and all my pics got erased! boo hoo!!


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