Confession Time Thursday

No, I'm not Catholic, but I feel the need to get some things off my chest. In the spirit of confession being good for the soul and all.

  • Somebody needs to take me out to the woodshed. I have not exercised in too many days to count. Yet, I continue to eat like a truck driver. I keep saying tomorrow.
  • I have not been inspired to clean the whole house, or even most of it at once. Although I love the end result. Each day I do a little something or other. Or not. Where has my motivation gone?I keep saying tomorrow.
  • I think it left me when I stopped making myself get up for a 5:00 workout. For a while there I was having such full days, energized, getting stuff done, etc.
  • Now I've been staying up later and therefore NOT the least interested in getting up early to run. I keep saying tomorrow.
  • I've been ignoring Sadie's fur tumbleweeds (see above). I will sometimes pick them up, but get out the vacuum? Or even the Swiffer? Nope. I keep saying tomorrow.
  • The Girls weren't able to meet this week for Bible Study. This depresses me on several levels. One, for the friendship, girl time and of course, coffee. Two, for not having time and discussion in the Word together. Three, for thinking that my life isn't busy enough to need to miss. Crazy, I know.
  • I've been creeping out of bed to the kitchen to make coffee. Steaming cup in hand, I creep back to bed to read for a while.
  • Yet, I know I should read my Bible and pray before I do anything else and I won't make time for it later in the day. But, I don't.
  • I've been giving in to my creative urges to make cards and scrapbook. See above about the cleaning and exercising.
  • I have fallen off the Good Mail wagon, yet yearn to get back on.
  • I have not been to a 7@7 run in, oh let's see, 2 weeks. Although I do take the time to prepare my running bag, fuel belt and lay out my clothes the night before. I keep saying next week.
  • Annelise and I joined the Y last week, but have not yet returned. I keep saying tomorrow.
  • I had to fight the urge to bang my head against the wall several times yesterday. This feeling would suddenly come over me after answering the same rotating questions from A. for the zillionth time. Sorry, but I'm being honest.

Okay, I know just need to get over myself. I need to actually do what I'm whining about and re-establish my better habits. Yep...maybe tomorrow.


  1. It's good to know I'm normal! Hang in there! You'll get there..even if it IS tomorrow! :) Ha!

  2. LOL!!! You totally crack me up!! Ditto the thought from Deanna- we will get it done tomorrow!

  3. "The sun will some out tomorrow, you can bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow...there'll be sun."

    Hang in there friend....I'm with Deanna...it' good to know I'm normal. I say the exact same things.

    Love you girl!

  4. Tomorrow is there for a reason...so we can get to it tomorrow. Don't beat yourself up. My favorite quote you said was "eating like a truck driver." That sums me up perfectly (sadly!)


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