God Answers Prayers of All Sizes

Meet Fifi, A.'s special stuffed friend, to whom she has become quite attached.

Fifi usually goes almost everywhere A. goes. Around the house, car rides, stores and especially to bed. Being Fifi is so small and A. being 3.5 and easily distracted, Fifi sometimes gets misplaced and "lost". Many trips have been made out to the car to retrieve this little black ball of fur.

This was the traumatic scene the other night. Fifi could not be found, even after extensive searching. A. could not remember where she had left her. The clock was ticking towards A.'s bedtime and she would have to go Fifi- less. She chose another bedtime friend, but it wasn't the same. She had trouble drifting off to sleep and called me back in there to ask me to play her music one more time. Then she said that maybe God could help. I asked if she wanted to say a prayer and she did. It was precious. Soon, she was asleep. The next morning, Scott found Fifi behind our sofa cushion. A. was ecstatic and knew God had answered her prayer. It makes me so happy that she is learning about God and starting to pray a little on her own.

This is A. later that night. Fifi was right where she should be and all was right in A.'s world!


  1. Oh my gosh, you CANNOT lose those bedtime toys. We've driven back hundreds of miles on a trip to retrieve a left-behind stuffed animal.

    BTW, my daughter has that EXACT dog. So cute!

  2. The K- Man has a football that he rubs the tag when he starting to fall asleep! It is a must have a bed and nap time!

    Little Bit has his blanket and thumb- while it is hard to lose the thumb we have forgotten the blanket at church- BIG MISTAKE!!!

    I think it is preciuos that A. loves Fifi. we will have to get K.'s Buster and A.'s Fifi to meet sometime! LOL

  3. Definitely understand your dilemma with missing bedtime buddies. You know about Night-Night. He's STILL important 5 yrs later! What a sweetie..she looks SO happy!!


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