Good Mail from the Girls

A little joy in our mailbox recently when a batch of Good Mail arrived from sweet Lacie. A. was overjoyed to have her own little package to open. She LOVES the fun pom-poms, Kannon has excellent taste! I can't wait to use the pretty plates and napkins for a summer picnic. Merci sweet Lacie!

A few days later, more Good Mail. I think I did a happy dance! A sweet note from Maria, and 2 (yes, two!) thoughtful cards from sweet Lacie. Thank you bunches!

Deanna sent a fun notepad with flip flops (my year round shoe wear of choice) along with a teeny tiny charm for my cell phone-how fun is that?? She's always up on the coolest stuff. Gracias D.!

Heather sent some sunshine in a bag with sunflower seeds and a butterfly garden stake along with a sweet note and yummy Creme Savors. Mucho Thanko H.!

Last, but certainly not least, Kim sent me a darling set of coffee printed dish towels - 2 of my favorite things - love them, along with a fun note. Thank you oodles of noodles K.!

Good Mail truly made my week! (Yes, really.) It's a little bit of joy, fun, whimsy and friendship in the mailbox. I love these girls so much! I'm so very fortunate to share my life with them and to be a part of theirs.

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