Green Goes With Everything, Right?

Imagine my surprise when after racing to dance class on 2 wheels, hustling inside and getting A. into her tap shoes and into class, I begin noticing discreet glances from moms sitting on Moms' Row (the seats outside the dance class door). I look down and realize I was STILL wearing these crazy green Crocs. What? No, I wasn't wearing any other green and St. Pat's was months ago!

These are the ones I meant to wear and in our severe lateness I forgot to change. Whoops! The moms on Moms' Row thought I was slightly off, I'm sure! I was thinking to myself about "Lacie the Unexpected" and just relaxed. Of course we made a quick side trip home to change before meeting Scott for lunch.

A. had to have her picture taken too with her Hello Kitty crocs.
What's the funniest absent minded moment you've had?


  1. I don't know what you're talking about Holly...I am not absentminded. :)

    Ditto you on thinking "Unexpected!"

  2. oh, Holly...you gave me a good laugh for the afternoon! LOl I'm sorry, though....I have nver done anything like that! NOT! That's why were such good friends! haha

  3. Hey- I love the green! The other moms were pobably wishing they had the guts to wear those cool green crocs! Gotta love the unexpected!

  4. i have those brown crocs and love them. and yes green does go with everything.


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