I'd Better Get My Running Shoes On

Since I haven't actually done any running this past week, I decided I should at least talk about it. My brain is always stewing and brewing over my future running experiences, so I thought I'd share some of my Oh My Goodness Goals. Dream big, live big!

  • Complete my first full marathon (26.2) in January at the Chevron Houston Marathon.
  • Run at least a half marathon in all 50 states. I haven't set a firm completion date, but I hope to do between 2-4 a year. I might be 75 and still working on this, that's okay!
  • Run internationally, don't have a big list right now. I'd like to run in Paris and in China along the Great Wall. These are really OMGG!

The races I'd like to run across the United States include:

  • Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. (they only have a full marathon.)
  • San Francisco Half (across the Golden Gate Bridge)
  • Little Rock, Arkansas Half
  • Phoenix, Arizona Half
  • Philadelphia Half
  • New York City (they only have the full)
  • Disneyworld Goofy Challenge (Half and Full +3 medals)

I think it should be a great way to see the diverse country we live in. I hope we can do most of them as a family, when A. is a little older and can appreciate more of the sights, maybe even run in some of them, etc.


  1. Holly, I know you can do anything you set your mind too!

    I will cheer you on (and maybe join in on a few)of your goal runs!
    I know you have been working hard toward your goal of a full marathon-you can do it!!!!

    Thanks for the comment on my "new format"- it only took me all day (Hee Hee)

  2. Holly, you are making me tired! HAHAHA

  3. That's an awesome list. The only race I can vouch for (and one IMO that you should add to your list) is the St. George, Utah Marathon. It's rated in Runners World as one the fastest to do (it's almost all downhill) but is just beautiful. You start at an altitude of 5,200 feet and end about 2,000. You run down this gorgeous, red-walled canyon. It's amazing.

    You inspire me to do it again...

  4. I'll be here cheering you on! I know you can meet your goals..you're doing great so far! :)

  5. Thanks ya'll! These are long-term lifetime type goals, it's fun to plan and dream.

  6. Hey girl- everytime I check your blog- it changes. I'm getting dizzy! (HeeHee)

  7. Sorry! I just had blog melt down! I was trying to add those snap shot things and fried everything, but was able to get back, without the snaps. Grrr!

  8. I told you it took me all day! I am so not a computer person!!!

    Your blog looks great! how do people add a link (html) to their pages?

    Have you figured it out?

  9. Holly.....I just wanted to say thank you for being such an encouragement and Christian friend to Heather. I am so blessed by the friends she has to help her along when she is tired, spiritually and physically! It isn't easy being a mom. You girls just stick together and pray for each other and love each other through all these trials of parenthood. THANKS....Lynn "Heather's mom"

  10. want to know how to make a link??

    use this:

    type whatever text you want linked

    did that make sense?? if not, I'll try again.....

  11. scratch that, it linked it! crazy site. I'll email it to you!

  12. Oh, I'm happy I found your blog!!! I need serious encouragement to run my first half, and the rate I'm going (8 miles is my max) I may never get there. I will be a permanent fixture in here from now on.


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