Music and Memories

Saturday morning I met The Girls for breakfast at La Madeleine. It was special because we were celebrating Heather's birthday and Lacie was also in town for a visit. We were chatting about getting older, how it felt, how we still felt the same, etc. Now, you must realize that I am the elder of the group. They are beginning their 30s and mine will be in my rear view mirror in a couple of years. That's okay. Anyway, we all agreed that we still felt young (which of course we still are) and hip (which of course we are).

This morning I realized I am getting older in one way (of course there are others, which shall not be discussed at this time). I'm evolving into my parents, at least in the case of radio music. When I was a kid my dad always played music from "his generation", the 50s & early 60s. He firmly believes rock n roll died when the Beatles crossed the Atlantic. It was either 50s bop or country (and western) growing up, everything else was just noise. As a teenager this was a point of much stress.

Now I realize I am almost exactly like that. In the car, when A. isn't riding with me, I crank up 106.9. Yes, 80s rock. I'm sooo cool, I know. I had to giggle this a.m. when The Cars "Shake It Up" came on, the volume knob mysteriously turned to the right and I was transformed to 8th grade cheerleading tryouts in the auditorium. I didn't make it (30+ girls trying out for 8 spots), but that's okay, I have the memory. I still like other music too, but I've discovered I'm somewhat attached to the 80s ---just like my dad and 50s bop---it recalls my youth.


  1. I love that song, Holly. And sometimes I secretly listen to the same station! HA HA

    You are the coolest Mom...A is so lucky to have you! You rock...even if it is to 80's music! HAHA

  2. Who doesn't love the 80's!!!


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