My Inner Kenyan Was on Vacation

A. loved giving high 5s to the runners as they passed.

It was great to see Scott and A. along the course!

A. waiting beside the Mustangs at Williams Square for Mama to finish.

A big hug after the finish!

A little race bling.
Yes, my inner Kenyan abandoned me Sunday and forgot to tell me. That's okay. I finished the race and the Love the Half Texas Challenge, so Woo...but maybe not a full WooHoo. Here are the Lovin' Its and the Not So Muches:
Lovin' It
  • Running skirts. Who knew how cool they were? I'm a skirt convert now. I took advantage of the pink skirt special ($25) and bought a black one too. I ended up wearing the black one and LOVED IT. They have compression, Coolmax type shorts under them (with a very cool pocket) and then the flirty, flippy skirt on top. Too cool. Check out SkirtSports.com
  • The race had a girly theme and the majority of runners were women.
  • Lots of PINK.
  • Lots of skirts. I like that running can be girly too.
  • Colorful technical shirt in bright, hot pink.
  • Cool finisher's medal
  • Second girly finisher treat...a pink skirt key chain.
  • Free pair of pink socks for running in my new cool skirt.
  • A. giving out tons of High Fives. I'm molding a future runner and race supporter!
  • Scenic course
  • The young boy holding a big "Girls Rock" sign along the course. I bet that made his mom proud!
  • Great overall race organization and support.

Not so Much

  • How many times and how loudly can I say how HOT it was? This really zapped me. Apparently, my inner Kenyan prefers cold weather (odd isn't it?).
  • Since it was the first Heels and Hills and also a smaller race, there weren't a lot of spectators along the course. A little bit lonely out there. I hope it gets more publicity and spectator support next year.


  1. I'm so proud of you!! I can't imagine running in the heat..and you looked great out there! Way to go, Holly!

  2. Oh- holly the skirt looks great!!! How fun- the runner in me is just chopping at the bit to join the fun! I will get my chance someday!

    A. looks like she had a blast! Did Scott give any high fives (Ha!)!!!!

  3. I'm there with you next year girl! And I'm on my way to On The Run now to get my pink skirt! HA HA

    I'm so proud of you! You did awesome! :) You ROCK!

    Love ya!

  4. Congratulations on all the half marathons you ran! And the pink skirt is too cute! I will check out that site.


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