Once Upon A Time...

almost twelve years ago, a couple decided to marry.

They married on a bright June day, the 17th to be exact and drove off in a 1957 T-Bird. As for the dress, remember, this was when poof was still popular. And the wife did have a bow on her bottom. Gag. Soon, the wife quit her job at NASA and went back to school to get her teaching certification. Why wasn't this obtained while still at ACU???

In 1997, 10 years ago, the wife settled in to her new role as a 4th grade teacher. Pardon the appearance of a teaching supply store throwing up in her classroom. The wife often lives by the motto, less is not more, more is more.

The wife's favorite part of teaching included the creative activities, history (especially all things Texas), and field trips. She so enjoyed being a chaperone on the 5th grade trips to Washington D.C each spring. She loved seeing all the monuments, the buildings, and especially Arlington Cemetery. Her least favorite teaching experience was the pressure for state test performance. Gag.

In 2000, the husband and wife decided to build their dream home. Wife also decided it was time to stay at home and hopefully start to hear little ones toddling through their new home.

By 2002, no little people yet. So husband and wife travel to Singapore on a mission trip. Overall a wonderful experience.

By 2004, still no little people yet and many rounds of fertility treatments, including IVF and a miscarriage. Husband and wife learn God has another plan, halfway around the world. So they...

travel to Moscow, Russia to meet...

a precious little person who was waiting just for them. Her name was Nadya and she was 13 months old. Husband and wife were overwhelmed with joy. Now this little person is...

called Annelise, although her middle name is still Nadya. She is 3.5 years old and husband and wife are still overwhelmed with joy.
Hopefully to live happily ever after.
What will the next 10 years hold?


  1. She looks like an angle ur so lucky to find and for her to find you.

  2. I love your story and LOVE the pictures!

    I am honored to have shared some of your life story experiences with you- I feel like I am one Annelise's Aunts!

    Hey, I am really enjoying this challenge thing!

  3. LOVE it!! It's so neat to learn more about your story. Great pictures! :)

    Love ya!

  4. sniff sniff...I remember the first day I saw that baby picture of A! Where did the time go? She is so precious and such an answered prayer! WE love that girl!! And I'm with Lacie...I feel like one of A's aunties! :)

    Oh, I love the wedding dress...mine looks just like yours. Puffy sleves and everything. I will try to post one soon.


  5. I just love your photos and am so glad you kept her middle name. We did the same thing with our daughters. Someday we should talk more about our adoptions. Thanks for posting! Have a great weekend!

  6. What an amazing story - you sure have been through a lot. She is a beautiful girl and she is lucky to have such a great mama!

  7. What a beautiful post! And I love your motto (more is more) LOL!!! Oh yeah, and I was a 3rd grade teacher. I think the supply store threw up in my classroom as well.


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