A Post of Monumental Importance

In the spirit of good fun I wanted to find out what everyone else is carrying around in their purses. I realized I've been lugging around a lot of stuff! Some of it had been long forgotten-ICK!

Here is the culprit. I think it's too big because more and more obviously very important items keep finding their way inside.

The basics: water, wallet, flamingo calendar, checkbook, Bible, and small make-up bag.

Next we find my cell phone, sunglasses, A.'s Hanes Her Way, ticket from Astros game last night, wet wipes (a must have), hand lotion, Purell, various pens and a pencil, pocket tissues, the essential Starbucks card, and what purse is complete without a small ballerina?

My own personal concession stand includes 2 lollipops, almonds (for me),raisins of questionable quality, small snack bag of peanut butter crackers for A., cookie and snack bar (yum), and the finishing course includes Altoids and gum.

A look inside the inner sanctum of my purse--the make-up bag --clearly shows the fascination I have with lip gloss. This also shows my inability to find the perfect shade and documents my ongoing quest. I'm addicted.

If nothing else, sharing this valuable, life changing information with you allowed me to clean out my purse. I was able to find and discard bunches of wadded up tissues(ick-ola), old receipts, and replace my checks. So my friends, thank you.

Tag you're it! What are you carrying around these days?


  1. cute post. maybe I'll respond w/ one like it...

  2. Oh Holly...now I know where to go if I need snack or a quick gloss!

  3. Hey great post!!! My turn... Does a diaper bag count? That has been my purse lately!

  4. i am so all over this when i get my head back on straight.
    so creative and i can't wait to see everyone do this.
    thanks for your kind message on my post about my mom.
    it is amazing how small of a time it takes to comment on a blog, but how much it can mean to someone.

  5. OH MY....I am an out of the closet, literally, PURSE ADDICT. I have spent my life looking for the perfect purse. I love purses. But, they have to pass certain tests before I make them my own. I am taking your challenge. I think I'll make it a future blogpost project. Giving you credit, of course for the great idea.


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