Shopping was the Fun Part

This is the view from our breakfast room table 1.5 days after a big shopping extravaganza at Target and Wal-Mart. My head was full of ideas to sort, organize, arrange, beautify. I even bought big dog garbage bags to help with the clearing out. Now, as I look at all the cute baskets, boxes and pockets I realize I have to do the work. Hence the table still full. Sigh.
Do you have a knack for organizing? What works best for you? Is there hope for me?


  1. I see some vey cute things in there! You know I LOVE to organize!!! I wish I could come help you!

    Are there any plastic shoe racks in there???

  2. Yall need to come and organize for me!!! PLEASE!!!!

  3. I've had an organization bug lately to! It must be SPRING doing it to all of us! I can't say I love to organize..but it IS nice when it's done! Just a little tip I figured out...for B's room, I found RED dish pans for like 2.00 that work GREAT for toy bins..and quite a bit cheaper than the "kid" ones.


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