This is the Day

That the Lord had made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalms 118:24

It feels great to be back on track! This morning I woke up before 4:00ish and tossed and turned, but couldn't go back to sleep. Scott's alarm went off at 5:00 so he could go exercise. I thought, "No! I'm actually awake. It's my day." So I asked him if I could go instead since I couldn't go back to sleep. Thanks to him I'm back. It felt so good to be running again, even just around our street. I got 3 miles done and then took Sadie for another mile walk. Go me.

It was still early and the house was still quiet, so after I stretched I drank my coffee and watched the season finale of Lost. What a treat!

I'm off for a more productive day. I think.

P.S. Don't fall over, but I vacuumed too.


  1. Go GIRL!!! I knew you could do it!!!

    What! Scott is exercising too- Wait until I tell Trey (Hee Hee)!!!
    What a good influence you are!

  2. Is your energy from Jumpin' Jungle?? HA HA

  3. Well, he and I have different opinions about what he's doing.

    He's been having a hard time getting in more than 1 day a week, of course I thwarted his plan Friday, that would've made 2.


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