3 Things I'm obsessed with lately:
  1. Cleaning and drying the kitchen sink. I am getting out of control with this one I think, and since we use it so much I'm stuck in a vicious cycle. My new cool trick is to use powdered dish washing detergent, like Electrosol. It smells great and leaves everything clean & shiny.
  2. Good mail. My new thing to try is making Good Mail labels.
  3. Trying to read more of my latest book before falling asleep at bedtime. It's taking forever.

3 Things I'm avoiding:

  1. Sorting, clearing, arranging A.'s toys, shoes, clothes, paraphernalia, etc. I mainly liked choosing the cute containers for this task. I suppose this speaks to a deep personality trait.
  2. Cleaning up my craft area. I want the nice end result though, of course.
  3. Basically starting all of the organizing I know I NEED to do.

I guess the overall problem is starting. I will. Soon. Maybe today. I know once I get going I'll be obsessed with finishing.

What 3 things are you obsessed with lately and what 3 things are you avoiding?

1 comment:

  1. obsessed:
    1. Good Mail!!!
    2. Creating a home organization binder
    3. Staying up to date with friends

    1. Unpacking the rest of the boxes in the garage
    2. Cleaning the bathrooms
    3. Wearing make-up!!! I feel so fee without it (ha)

    Love the post- Ohhhh, when you get done with A's room and the craft room you will feel sooo good! I love that feeling!


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