Under Pressure

Why is that David Bowie song spinning around in my head? I feel pressure...and I shouldn't. Reading is a relaxing escape, a pleasure, and adventure in another time or life. Sometimes I feel like I'm the main character and I'm living that life. I love that. At times though, I feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of books that I have around the house, all whispering, "Read me, read me." I feel the pressure of them.

Rewind three years ago when I could spend hours, even parts of an entire day reading, lost in my book. Not that I'm complaining (well okay, a little), but my reading time has been reduced to a few minutes before I can't keep my eyes open any more at bed time. This isn't my ideal scenario. At this rate I'll never finish all the books whispering to me. Oh the pressure!


  1. I tried to lay down to read last night before bed- First mistake...I layed down!!! Second mistake...I was in my Pjs!!

    I don't think I read more then a paragraph!

    Ditto the feelings!

  2. Hey girl!!! You got your snap shots to Work- Yippeee!


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